How can i tell if my dog is in season

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janetsflower | 10:42 Sun 11th Mar 2007 | Animals & Nature
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I have a westie bitch who is 8 months old now and I think she might be in season for the first time, but how can be sure. There were a couple of spots of blood on my cream sofa the other night but haven.t seen any sinceand our male german shorthaired pointer seemed very interested in her all of sudden so they have now been separated because i am not taking any risks!! But how can be sure if she is in season and how long will it last, and when can they be allowed back together because they both miss each other and want to play but as i intend to breed from both with their own breeds in the future i don't want any unfortunate accidents in the mean time


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How much more obvious do you want it to be? You will not see blood all the time as the bitch will clean herself. Have you really thought the breeding thing through? Have you any idea how hard it is to keep a dog away from a bitch in season? And if you do manage to keep them apart....are you prepared to tolerate the noise a dog can make when he wants the bitch....they are persistant little bu**ers and in my experience the noise can last for days and go on all night! There are of course drugs that can supress your bitches season, these are however expensive. Please do not take this the wrong way, but make sure you have thought this through, the successful breeding of any breed is not something to enter into lightly, an all round knowledge of dogs is needed as well as expertise in the chosen breed. You asked the question 'How do I know if my dog is in season?' me someone who needs to ask this is a long way off of being capable of breeding.

Like divegirl says the blood gives it away

Might be to late now
It sounds positive to me but some bleed a bit more than others,usually their 'parts' swell a little and the bitch will lick herself . The male dog will soon get quite frantic with her so you'd better seperate them now!It usually last a couple of weeks but I'm not a breeder,so I only have experience from 2 previous bitches.You can take her to the vet for an injection but that may be too late,I don't know.
The other opinions may sound harsh but I agree that you shouldn't take these things on lightly.
I agree with the others - if you are not sure whether she is in season or not, what do you know about breeding. What are your reasons for breeding in the first place, do you want to keep a puppy yourself, and do you have homes for the litter. I have a bitch who had to have blood tests to check she was in season, as we had recently lost our male, and she has silent seasons - however, the blood and the male attention gives it away. Turning to your male dog - you say you intend to breed from him - are you experienced on how to use a stud dog, as this is not as straight forward as you may think.
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Well thanks for all your answers. Nobody is an expert at anything until they have tried are they and so i think i am entitled to learn about things as we go along. When they are old enough to breed, ie not in her first season we will get professional advice and make sure our dogs are looked after properly, its not something we consider taking lightly. A few years ago we started with 6 sheep and knew nothing about them, now we have quite a successful flock and i have just helped another newcomer to lamb hers for the first time. I didn't ask this question expecting criticism from you guys so won't thank you for it but hope you never try anything new yourselves and come up against negativity instead of encouragement and support from people who've already done it and consider themselves experts
Good for you janet, I totally agree. It is supposed to be an 'AnswerBank' It makes you scared to ask a question in case you get a load of abuse thrown at you! And I agree too that people have to start somewhere-these 'experts' obviously want to make what they do sound very 'difficult' and 'important'and try to discourage you as a beginner.
I hope you aren't including me in your criticism, I tried to answer you and merely stated that 'breeding' isn't to be taken lightly,which is of course true, and I was unaware of your farming experience.
Good luck.

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Thanks Ganesh, no wasn't including you but didn't want to name names either. Just wanted some friendly advice/reassurance similar to what i try to give other people on here.
I am no expert janetsflower but we had a bitch in season and the darn thing bled like a stuck pig all over the place we had to fashion a nappy tiing and give her loads of cheyew treats to keep her in one place. Her "bits" swelled quite a lot so I would guess you are right in your assumption. She bled for about 10 days i think but im not sure when they are actually fertile cus like us humans work a bit differend.
At the end of the day ok you not an experienced breeder but nature will take its course. Read up on stuff now ready for the next season and if it is too late then take care of the bitch and the pups and make sure you screen any potential homes. Dogs get accidentally pregnant all the time and you are only irresponsible if you dont do the right thing now if she is pregnant. The idiots are those who have the pups and dump them or give them away to more idiods. I dont get the impression you are one of those idiots at all. Good luck.
Both my dogs are crosses and were not breed by experts and they are healthy and loved. The only papers they have adoption papers. As far as I am concerned experts dont necessarily breed the only dogs in this world, dog lovers breed perfect dogs too. Keep gaining knowledge janet and you may stay a dog lover but you may one day be an expert (but one that will never forget the dog lover)!!!!!
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Thanks Winny - I was expecting the swelling but there is none really this time and blood has literally only been two drops on the sofa, however she has been kept separate from the male so i am pretty sure no accidents have happened!! You're right they are different to humans, my vet tells me dogs bleed first and then are fertile for a few days afterwards as you know with us its the other way round. Our last dog was a cross and we had him for many happy years and miss him dearly, now i have two pure breds and want to keep them that way - not that i could love them anymore than i loved my old dog, they are all special and i just want to do the best i can for them
I am not suggesting that only expert breeders breed dogs successfully, but I think you should be a responsible person and only breed if you want to keep a puppy yourself and have homes for any others - there are too many unwanted and abandoned dogs around, pedigree or not - and there are still a lot of breeders around that sell puppies to homes without asking the right questions, which is why so many pedigree dogs are abandoned.
your bitch is obviously very clean the season will last 3 weeks and you will know as her female bits will swell in the second week ready to take a male i hope that your dogs are well seperated as they will find a way of getting to each other believe me
I want to touch on a very important point that no one has really mentioned and to me, along side the health of the bitch and puppies is hugely relevant.

I have worked in rescue full time since 1996 so feel qualified to comment. I rescue a particular breed that is well known for being over bred and the rescues that help this breed are plenty UK & worldwide.

Are you going to do home checks, checking for owner suitability, provide a home for each and every puppy at any time during its live should the owner be no longer able to care for it and no matter whether you are able or want to take a dog back? No I guess not. I find it hard and I offer this for all my dogs that I re home. (I dont breed).

The people that you have taken offence to are all right and the fact that you dont like the answers, says a lot about you not to mention the down right stupid question you asked.

The easy answer is go the the vet , not ask around on the internet, which is basically asking to have abuse thrown at you.

Yes my reply is going to kick up a stink, but quite frankly I dont give a s***, because its ppl like you that mean rescue centres are what they are.

And come on, you mentioned two dogs in your post...a GSP and a Westie, for christ sake, you're not going to breed from those two???
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Wow! Some ppl on here seem very mean. I do however agree with some points of views but surely attacking someone isnt a good manner and I think shame on you ppl. Im sure Janet isn't silly enough to consider breeding a westie and a German S. Who in there right mind would want the death of there bitch on there hands. I am considering breeding. I have been for years but held off due to lack of knowledge. But Like janet has said. I have read books are books but how can we learn without giving it a try. Ok so I know what to do if mum is having problems delivering pups etc but you learn hands on. Like any other thing in life. There are homeless animals all over the world. Needing caring homes etc but i have known perfect familys with no reason what so ever to be turned down, be send away from kennels. Later they have gone on to buy a puppy and both dog and family have been fine. I will breed as I would really enjoy it and I KNOW my dogs are healthy with no problems. I might add it is however very important to home check new homes as could you amagine rasing a happy healthy pup to later learn it has been mistreated or re-homed somewhere. I would worry about that. Always offer the new familes to return the pup with a full refund without questions. I think most ppl would rather contact the breeder than look for a new home. And you will have peace of mind. Take emails and numbers and give them a call 24 hrs after, then 72 hrs and then again 2 weeks after. Good luck to anyone consider breeding. Just make sure you talk to your vet about this first. But I will warn you most vets are harsh and make you feel like a bad person for considering it. Go in open minded about it all. If they dont answer your questions change vet as when your pups are born you need to feel comfortable taking them in for health checks and jabs before they leave home. This is what I have done and i'm very happy with my vet and I know when I do breed I can hold my head up rather like ashamed. Good for you!!!
Well firstly miss batchelorette!!!!!!! What qualifications do you have to firstly not only answer the question at the top of the page initially posted, which if i was you I would put your glasses on and read again. You are rude and impolite, the lady has asked a question and if you have nothing nice to say don't bother saying anything! Your advice in neither helpful or constructive. I suggest you go and get a life!! As for janetsflower, i bet your sorry you even posted the question in the first place, however, i've noted that some people have tried to be helpful. My springer is 9 month old and is just coming into season, however, i am quite lucky my male has been castrated and she is a very clean girl so tiniest of spotting. She has become quite clingy but then springer's a bit like that naturally by nature. Being a woman i empathise totally with what my poor little girl is going thru an just lots of loving care an attention, i'm sure we'll all get thru our first season, As for the imbocile who posted the last answer, don't even bother replying to mine I have no interest in your ignorant comments.
Good Luck janetsflower x
i once started out on the same path as yourself. i now very successfully trial and breed gshp and italian spinones. it takes tiime you can read as much as you want but the only way to learn it to actually do it. this also goes for training. i would reccommend asking serious questions of those who you are selling you pups to. people are very quick to jump on the band wagon and lecture, but who taught you???????
to answer little mis hard done by (dog rescuer of the year), i do offer a home for life for all my litters and any other dog which might need it. You know yes there are to many strays, yes there are to many bad owner, yes there are..........., but there are also to many people playing god and lecturing and thinking they know everything.

good luck mate hope all goes well

ps. what is wrong with gshp? they are very intellegent, active and beautiful
I've lost the will to live with these type of forums, i am in a very similar situation to janet. i have come on to the net looking for some friendly advise to make sure i am doing right by my beautiful cocker Daisy. Yes i have been to the Vet, yes i want to keep a pup for my family and yes i will of course offer a home for life for all of the pups and have checked families and homes pre set for as many as five pups. I love my dog and in turn will love all of her puppies! There are 1st time breeders out there who are dog lovers. I, like janet am trying to gather as much information for the benefit of my bitch in order to successfully breed her. i have had enough of being tarred by the bad brush i am sorry there are breeders out there who do not do right by the dogs, are only in it for the money or that may dogs are abandoned but please please stop writing abuse to those who care for their animals. what you say will not stop me breeding daisy but your knowledge could be of help, so if you don't have something constructive to say then find the angry animal breeders forum and let off your steam somewhere else!!!
hi janet, ive just come onto this site myself to look for information about bitches in season and there obviously a few on here!!! isnt this supposed to be a site to come on for HELP,INFORMATION,AND ADVICE and not abuse?if you were a irresponsible dog owner then you wouldnt be on here asking the questions and asking for advice in the first place! As for Bachelorrete have you ever thought that those 'irresponsible' dog owners keep you in a job and i think the name gives it all away doesnt it so lay off this poor womans case and concentrate on the real idiots out there that keep you from the unemployment queue!! right thats my bit said im off to log on to another site to get help from real people who know what they are talking about rather than humiliate people that are simply asking for advice!! best wishes Janet im sure you love your animals very well and will do the right thing!
Why are people always so negative when anyone asks questions on breeding dogs? Chances are most of the people who have answers this question have bred dogs themselves! Not everyone who wants to breed are irresponsible morons! You wouldn't have your pooches at home if it wasn't for breeders! Problem is a lot of breeders think they are so much better than everyone else!
Why are people always so negative when anyone asks questions on breeding dogs? Chances are most of the people who have answers this question have bred dogs themselves! Not everyone who wants to breed are irresponsible morons! You wouldnt have your pooches if it wasn't for breeders! Problem is a lot of breeders think they are so much better than everyone else!

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