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kathhunt | 18:45 Sat 10th Mar 2007 | Animals & Nature
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why do people think that kc reg is better than dog lovers registration club.the DL club is for pedigree pets that are not for show but to be sold for pets and to save on expence of havin hip scores and eye test which you dont really need if your not showing your dog . so again as a DL reg owner who only wants a pet why is kc the only acceptable one ?


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You do need hip/eye etc tests. If you buy a pup from responsible breeder you know they have done their best to produce good stock with parents free from hereditory diseases. I wouldn't touch any pup that didn't come from tested parents. I would never forgive myself if I encouraged a "breeder" to produce iffy stock that could be crippled with hip disease, epileptic, go blind etc.
You dont have to register you pet with the KC but PLEASE just get pet from tested stock
You do not have to have hip scores and eye tests to show your dog, you need to have them done if you are going to breed from your dog, or if you have the breeds interests at heart.

All dogs need to be healthy, therefore you need the parents of the dog to be tested and proven healthy (to be tested, and the tests recorded officially they have to be registered with the KC). When the puppies are born most breeders register the litter with the KC, this encourages people who go on to breed from the pups to have them tested before they are bred from.

Anyone can register with the DL club and it is not worth the paper it is written on. What does it prove? Why bother?

A KC registration means that you can trace your dogs pedigree going back generations, you can find out information about your dogs parents, grand parents etc. and can even get photographs of them if you so desire.

In my breed it is imperative to have eyes tested as they can sometimes suffer from a condition that does not always appear until they are anything up to six or seven years old, and if it is picked up at an eye testing session you can sometimes save the sight and certainly stop the dogs suffering pain and discomfort. There are people who breed my breed who do not eye test and do not KC register, and 'pet' buyers do not know whether the parents have been tested or have suffered from the condition.
They can then have a dog become affected that they may already have bred from themselves, and so passed on the problem to yet another generation.

Also DL registration gives no guarantee of parentage, you just send your money and any names and they would not know if they were even the right breed. In fact, why not send your money to me and I will issue you with a registration certificate - it wouldn't be worth the paper it was printed on, but if you only want a piece of paper with some dogs names on it then I am sure I could supply it.
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im really hurt now as you all seem to be attacking me i only have dogs as pets not to breed or to show i have mine because i love them and want to give them a good life.
i do understand what your all saying about the test and i do agree to some degree,i only realised that my dog was dog lovers reg when i got home as ive always been happy with mongrels .so as im nieve and didnt know what to look for then me and my dog who has been checked and scored are now penilised for this . those were the reasons i was told.
Don't see how people are attacking you.

If you don't wish to show or breed then just get on and enjoy your dog for what he is - a loving, happy and loyal friend.

I don't understand how he has been scored though, as they have to be registered with the KC for that to happen.

I also don't understand how you are being penalised?

We are just trying to say that people should not pay extra for dogs that are DL registered as it actually means very little.

Please don't think that I was attacking you. I just get annoyed that unscrupulous breeders fob good people like you off with lies about breeding of dogs. I hope that all will be well with your pet and you both will have happy times together. If you want to work in open obedience competitions licensed by the KC you can put any dog onto the working register.
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dear kita 1 my dog was checked by the vet i was given a form and it cost me �110 to have hip score done. have i been ripped off again? by the way my freind bought the sister of my dog and she bred her with another of the same breed i went with her and we checked the dogs papers and they were not related at all ,this dog was registered with both kc and dl so will she find it hard to sell them?
No you haven't been ripped off. You can be assured now that you dog will not be crippled with hip dysplasia.
What breed is your dog? There are people on this site who can advise what problems occur in certain breeds i.e. hip dysplasia in GSD/ Border Collie / Boxer etc
PLL (eyes) many small breeds
PRA (eyes) Collies etc
This link tells you all about hip scoring

When a dog is hip scored the vet takes an x-ray of the hips and sends it off to the BVA. This is then looked at by a panel and they give a score (eg 4:2) each figure is the score for each hip. The lower the score the better. They then send you a certificate back giving the score and it is entered on to the KC records. The cost for the certificate is 30 pounds, on top of that you have the vet fees for the x-ray etc.

What was the score for your dog? If the x-ray was not sent away to the panel then the certificate you have is your vets own opinion of your dogs hips.
I think the problem (as you have found) is that people assume if an advert says a dog is registered or has papers it means they are KC registered - they do not realise that there is such a thing as Dog Lovers Registration and unfortunately it is a way of some people making money by false pretences - i.e. by selling 'registered' stock that are not KC registered. Of course there is nothing to stop them doing this (unless they advertise them as 'KC registered when they are not).

It is also a way many puppy farmers sell their puppies, and also many of the 'new designer breeds' - they register them as a breed and advertise them as registered.

All of this does not mean there is anything wrong with your dog. It just means that you do not have the backing of the Kennel Club and therefore no comeback if there is any problem with the pedigree or registration.

Also you cannot enter KC licensed shows or register any puppies with the KC.

Sorry if we seemed a little harsh in our answers, but having re-read your question I now realise it was a genuine query, and not a 'snotty' dig at those of us who only use KC registrations!

My god �10 for a hip score my dog just cost me �200 for the GA, x-ray's and the cost of the BVA you are you sure your dog has been hip scored?
Sorry I read your post wrong it say �110 thats still very good though
i show my dog and she has not been hip or elbow scored this is only nesscesary if you intend to breed but always check the background of perspective breeders and pups
DL registered dogs can be Hip scored and eye tested too
i have recently bred pups for quality, standard an temperent of the breed. i have registerd them with dog lovers registeration club (bred 4 pets not for show) simply because i no whoever may perchase from my litter r genuinly wanting a pet and not draggin it round show rings 4 a piece of material with a number on or caging it up and breeding the life out of it, although it doesnt stop them from breeding but most breeders will normally have kc reg dogs as they get more MONEY 4 there stock an maybe not lovin PET homes. its piece of mind 4 me as i no mine will be pets.
I ve heard that KC is predudice and has allowed designer dogs i.e labradoodles etc to be added to their registers.I ve also heard predudice is rife amongst judges at show...unless you KNOW the right wont win with your dog.Apparantly Dog Lovers was set up to give normal(not wierd)dog lovers every right to register their dog if its breeding/background is known.
Most are 5 generations long so a good history is kept.
Id like to quote this predudice which has happened right on this page by "Kita"
when told a DL registered dog had a hip score she said"quote"
I don't understand how he has been scored though, as they have to be registered with the KC for that to happen. "
So..Are you saying UNLESS your dog is KC registered you cant have it hip scored?Id say thats disgusting..but obviously you can now...and The KC are losing their power over the True Dog Lovers World.KC Breeders are just that...breeders...whereas Dog Lovers seem to be a much more organised,friendly,genuine website with helpful people..unlike the snoots at KC.
Well Done Dog Lovers.....They hate the competition..but hell knows they needed it!

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