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Kiera | 14:35 Thu 04th Jan 2007 | Animals & Nature
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I live in the Bexhill area.

I have three cats. Maybe going away on holiday for 2 weeks.

Anyone know roughly how much it would cost to keep the cats in a cattery?

I know there maybe different rates, but I would like just an approx price.



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Prices do vary but only slightly. I had mine in a cattery for 11 days in October and it cost �9 a day. This included food.
But they did do a cheaper deal for more than one cat per enclosure.

I think it was a good deal and I'd do it again. It was worth the money to know that she was safe and fed.
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Thanks, looks like it will cost me quite a lot. I`ll need to do a lot of searching for a qood place and a good deal and saving as well.
Hi Kiera

If you have 3 cats some catterys will do a chalet for the 3 of them and charge you less than for each cat.

I pay 6 quid a day in my local cattery in South Wales and I know they do rates for 2-3 cats from the same family in one chalet (the chalets are bigger obviously).

As drchasuble said its so worth it for the peace of mind they are safe and well cared for.


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Thanks will ask about chalets
Most places charge a �1 a day less for each extra cat i.e. one cat �9, two cats �16, three cats �21. Some do a deal on multiple occupation. However you are paying for peace of mind, so don't just go for the cheapest option. If your cats are not used to dogs, then choose one that does not have boarding kennels, as the noise of the dogs barking could upset them. Do they all get on alright? If they are confined in a small space they may be upset or even fight if one of them cannot get away from the others.

Some catteries are authorised by the Feline Advisory Burea (usually a bit dearer but their standards are very strict to be one of them). Remember you are paying for safety and security, good standards of health and hygiene and the food they are used to - don't think it is just a good way of making money, as cats only cost pennies to feed. They have to cover the cost of council tax, mortgage, insurance, telephone, water rates, staff, buildings, bedding, etc etc. It is not a licence to print money that some people think.

The alternative is to get a 'pet sitter' either to live in or to visit daily to feed etc. Depends on whether your cats are indoor ones though, as they may get upset with a stranger, and try to get out, or as happened recently to someone on here the cat escaped and was missing for several days while the owners were on holiday. If you rely on a neighbour or relative, will they be as reliable as you would want? If they are professional, do they have insurance, are they police checked, or is it someone who has set up for themselves and therefore have unknown experience? Would they recognise if the animal needed to be taken to the vet?

IMHO a good quality cattery would give you the peace of mind so you can enjoy your holiday.
FAB website (they have a guide to choosing a cattery and also a list of catteries in your area)

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hi again

Two cats 1year 6m and a kitten 8mths. Cat I have had since 6wks gets on very well with the kitten but the other cat I got from a rescue centre when she was 7months and most quiet of the two who she needs her space from the other two as they can get very lively playing.
I'd want them kennelled (?) two and one in that case - although one will be on its own it will probably be happier than stuck in a small space with the others. They spend most of their time sleeping anyway, so won't worry about being alone.
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Thanks, won`t be going away until December. So will have plenty of time to save and look for a place.

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Catteries - approx. cost

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