Fleas on cats, any help?

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tlcw | 21:44 Sat 30th Dec 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Hey! We recently bought two cats, called Rocha and Tiffany, but we're having problems with fleas, we've tried de-flea spraying them but its hard keeping them still etc. Any other ideas, much appriciated babes, thanks, xxx Nicha.


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Use the proper stuff from the vets - usually a spot-on treatment that goes at the back of the neck and lasts for up to 5 weeks. it's more expensive than the supermarket stuff but it works (supermarket treatments don't!!!) and saves money in the long run. Regular and thorough vacuuming of the house will also help keep fleas at bay.

Fleas are usually not much of a problem in winter but with the warmer climate they're persisting longer!

Good luck!

Definitely get a treatment from your vets called Stronghold. Its easy to apply just squirt onto back of neck where the cats can't reach to lick it off. They won't like it but its a sure fire way to kill the little flea monsters.

Also the vet will recommend a home spray for carpets (Acclaim) to prevent the eggs from forming in your home too. Worth the extra money come the summer months.

Happy flea hunting!!
Good luck with Rocha and Tiffany.

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Thank you, we will do all your suggestions, thanks!
the other option, although more expensive, is to get a flea jab from your vets. It costs about �30 for 6 months, but if you think of �5 a month it's not so bad! My cats have always been an absolute nightmare with any spot-on treatments and if your not careful they get all over the shop, and not just your cat! I find the jab to be the best way of ensuring the job gets done. Definately need to massivley de-flea the house as well though - 95% of the fleas will NOT be on your cats, but in your house!!!
Frontline flea spray from the vets is better than the spot on treatments. If the cats object to the spray, put on a pair of margiolds and spray the gloves. Then stroke the cats and it will rub the flea spray over them. You can also use latex gloves (depending on your personal preferences LOL).
stronghold or frontline spot ons r your best options but i strongly advise using any sort of flea spray on the cats as they can inhale it and thats dangerous leading to fits or convulsions and a costly vet stay and bill.

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Fleas on cats, any help?

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