Incessant Lip Licking Dog

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BernerDad | 10:24 Wed 25th Oct 2006 | Animals & Nature
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What does it mean that my Bernese Mountain Dog is licking its lips constantly?


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Hi, I can't think of anything off hand that would make him do this! Does he show any other 'symptoms'? Has he been sick, drinking more or stressed about anything?

Lisa x
constant lip licking is normally a sign of stress Try Yawning to put him at ease and see if that works. the yawns don't have to be really try fake yawns
My boy does this when he's got something stuck in his teeth or on his palate. I usually open up his mouth and have a look and often it's a grass straw jammed in between his teeth. If I can't see anything I brush his teeth and gums with doggy toothpaste and that sorts out the problem
Dogs may lick their lips a lot if they're salivating more - this could be because he's seen something tasty or, as happy_face says, if there is a problem in his mouth or with his teeth. Dogs also sometimes do this when they're feeling sick.

So check out his mouth and teeth, see if you can see anything that might be bothering him!
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Oh great, thanks for the answers. I will check her mouth!

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Incessant Lip Licking Dog

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