Spiders. I want them out of my house!.

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bohoqueen | 23:00 Fri 22nd Sep 2006 | Animals & Nature
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I have moved to a new house in a fairly rural area and i have the most huge spiders in it. Help! I cant stand them!


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if you try a search for spiders a lot of stuff comes up, this thread suggests a variety of things from hairspray to conkers... have fun trying them out!!
You could always borrow my cat - she enjoys eating them - YUK!
rural area and wildlife usually go together.
you can get a device that plugs into a wall socket & it transmits a sonic pulse back through the wiring of the house which repels spiders & mice etc.
it affects their nervous system & the dont like it & run away- it does not hurt them- its just like how humans cant bear the smell of amonia or a really high pitch noise.
if you google- you will find!
be warned though- in the first 2 weeks of use, it draws all the spiders out that have been hiding in nooks & crannies or under the floor boards & you will see loads. IT WORKS!
hi muppeteer, do you know if this device is ok if you have cats ?
Hi, have to agree with makemesmile! We have a new kitten and have not had any spiders or daddy longlegs this is just

Lisa x
Hi divegirl - wow, your kitty's starting early! Once I spotted my cat sitting and looking particularly pleased with herself. She looked cuter than normal so I went over to stroke her 'woolly head' (don't ask) and spotted something sticking out of the corner of her mouth. I thought it was a thick hair or something similar - turned out to be a big (V big) spider-leg! yeeeeeuuuuuuukkkkkk!!!
I bought a spider catcher off ebay for my wife and it works! Picks the litte creatures up in bristles and you can deposit them outside........long handled so you don't have to be too close.....about 7 quid if I well spent!
plug thing is perfectly safe for cats & dogs- just gets rid of insects & vermin (no idea how)!

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Spiders. I want them out of my house!.

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