carpets and cat-pee: how to clean??

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aquilotta | 21:10 Fri 22nd Sep 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Hi guys! My mother's cats have been merrily using her nice carpets as their blotting paper: her lack of sense of smell means that she hadn't really noticed...
HOW do I get the smell out?
I've tried steaming (!!) and - when dry - bicarbonate of soda - but with too limited success....


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I think to do it properly you will need to hire a proper carpet cleaner from a hire shop. The way I always worked it, due to the cost, was to hire it on a Saturday morning, which means you have it until Monday and get a friend or relative to go halves and they use for half a day or so.
...Even then you're likely not to get all the smell out. If it's been as long as you say, the urine has seeped into the pad (I think ya'll call it underlayment) and possibly even into the flooring beneath. Problem is, the cat will still be able to smell it even if you don't and will return to make additional deposits... Best of luck though...
bob martin used to make a product for this cant remember what it is called but it worked if not try bicarb mixed wihth white vinagar
Try a produck called No Go.. If you do get it somewhat clean, you then apply the No Go and it will neutralize the smell so that the kitty can't smell it anymore. If the kitty cant smell it anymore he/she will no longer use that area.

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carpets and cat-pee: how to clean??

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