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katrina08 | 19:05 Fri 22nd Sep 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Hi I think my fish has something wrong with it. It keeps lying on it's one side and has a swollen stomach when he lies he is still alive but is not doing much swimming. this has happened recently and i'm not sure what is wrong with im. He is my only fish in a well sized tank and is a black moor fish. Please can someone help ?


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Are his scales sticking out? Kinda like a pine cone effect?
if his scales are fine it could be SBD (swim bladder disorder). Sometimes fish get too much oxygen in their swim bladder which helps control their depth in the water. When this happens, the fish starts floating upside down but is still alive. To cure SBD, fast your fish for 3 days and then feed it boiled skinned mashed peas. This should cure him.
Sounds like your fish could have a bacterial infection in its stomach. If, as Boo suggested, its scales are sticking out like a pine cone....especially when viewed from above, the fish will have dropsy.

It might be worth treating the tank with a broad spectrum bactriacide such as octozin or myxazin (made by waterlife)

Good luch
This happened to my black moor (sadly passed to that big fish tank in the sky now RIP Homer)

Anyway as B00 said it could be SBD as that was Homer's problem, he was fine after a couple of days but every now and then he'd start tipping up again, bless him! It was distressing to see though!
Hi Katrina. I have a shibunkin with SBD. It floats on its side then goes like the clappers to get down under the surface. The other fish nudge it when its floats so the poor little bu66er cant get any rest ! It seems ok tho and we've had it for quite a while. x

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help with my fish

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