Flea's on our Cat

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parkers | 14:55 Tue 12th Sep 2006 | Animals & Nature
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We have a 3 yr old female cat who up until now has never had a problem with fleas.
About 6 weeks ago I noticed a few on her so promptly went to the Vets and bought 6 months worth of Frontline, followed the instructions of putting it in 2 places (neck and inbetween shoulder blades) and the fleas are still there, so we waited 2 weeks and put some more on... the fleas are still there.. so I have now bought a flea collar and the things are still on her...
What do we do....??


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You'll also need to do your carpets, and your cat's bedding, or anywhere she sits/sleeps. Think I read somewhere that fleas can live dormant in your carpets for up to 6 months (shudder!)
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Hi, this is the thing - we don't have any carpets, she doesn't have a bed (I've bought several that she has never paid any interest to) the only place that she sleeps is on either our, or our daughter's beds, which are obviously washed weekly and I've never seen any fleas on the beds ??
Hi me again :-)

According to this... ks.html

Fleas live under your furniture as well (yuck!!), so you'll still need to treat your house as well as treating the cat. I think Frontline will work on your cat, but only if it's used in conjunction with treating your house at the same time. Got to say I do feel your vet should have advised you this as well.

Good luck!
It sounds as if your cat may be meeting up with some other contaminated animal. Front line is probably the best product out there, it interupts the flea life cycle.
I think the best bet would be to get a flea comb and dip into soapy water (soapy water is like a mild insecticide), remove all the fleas, give all the places the cats go a thorough vacuum and treat with a mammal friendly spray or powder. if flease reappear on the cat then you can be assured some other animal is the source.
P.S watch those silly sprays/powders you get for the cat, they are harsh and can cause the cat to fit , i have witnessed this horrifing experience on more than one occasion.
Get Frontline spray from your vet, the spot on only stops fleas from hatching, it doesn't kill those on the cat.
also with the front line you should put sum at the base of the cats tail, you are then treating 2 areas which are fave places 4 the fleas to be!!
Ask your vet for Program - it's an injection unlike Frontline so doesn't leave dangerous toxins on the coat. Plus it lasts 6 months.
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Thankyou all for your answers.

Quizmonkey - will program prevent the fleas from living on her?
It seems that they go and then are back within a day or so...?
frontline spot on kills the flieas that land and feed from your cat if you get the spray as well then this with kill any that land on your cat. also get a can of acclaim 2000 from your vet to spray around the house and wash any bedding cushion covers/throws etc
Frontline will kill fleas within 12 hours of them landing on the animals coat - so it is possible to see fleas on your cat even though she has been treated, but rest assured said fleas will be dying/nearly dead.

Just make sure to vacuum thoroughly arund the house - fleas get into all sorts of places!

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Flea's on our Cat

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