Is there such a thing as spider repellant?

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Llamatron | 13:01 Mon 28th Aug 2006 | Animals & Nature
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I have a small fear of the little bu@@ers, I'll catch any eight legged house invaders in a jug and chuck em out in the garden but any sudden movement and I'm up on a chair quaking.

My new place has a garage, although it's more an overgrown shed. The problem is that It's a haven for spiders. Cleaning the garage out when I moved in was an experience.

Is it possible to stop them getting into my car? Some kind of repellant perhaps?

My fear is that I'll be driving, pull down the sun visor and one'll drop into my lap. It's very likely that I'll crash.


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There is no such thing as a spider repellent I'm afraid! I'm sure there are lots of old wives tales telling you there are though. Assuming you keep your car in the garage, I would suggest that you just keep garage very clean, and try and find a general insect killing spray and give the garage a light spraying once a week maybe.
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I suspected as much. Damn.

Good idea about the insect spray though.
But I'm not sure about killing them. It's not their probelm it's mine.
I guess I'm just a big softie.

Ta for the suggestion.
Hi Liamatron :o)

Apparantly placing conkers in the corners of your room is suppose to deter spiders. Betterware also do a spray that is suppose to repell spiders, I think it is made up from horse chestnut tree and the conkers (Aesculus Hippocastanum) Could be worth a try placing some conkers in your car when they come into season :o)
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That sounds completely bonkers.
But it's just crazy enough to work.
The conkers in the corners thing does actually work, strange as it seems.
hi there , another thing you can try is clove oil its what i use and it does see to work so give it a go its worth a try as it is cheap, i just dilute it a bit with water and spray it around
I've got one of these; er-whole-house-p-1277.html
I guess if you have a plug in or near your garage then it would work because it does work through walls.
This would hopefully mean they don't take refuge anywhere near your house and your car!

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Is there such a thing as spider repellant?

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