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jagarner | 16:12 Mon 21st Aug 2006 | Animals & Nature
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i'm so worried, my cat went missing last week. last seen him when he went out for the night on tuesday. didn't come in for food first thing wednesday morning which was very unusual. was thinking he may have been trapped in a garage or shed but cause he went missing at night i'm sure it's not the case. it was raining that night so maybe he climbing in somewhere and is trapped. we do have a cat flap on the shed for when it's raining but he must of gone elsewhere. i had hoped if he was in a shed then the weekend would be a good time for them to open it to cut grass, wash car etc but it has been raining a lot of the weekend.
made some posters and really dont know what else to do. asked immediate neighbours, no sign.


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ours went missing for a short while and it turned out he was locked in a nieghbours coal shed . hope you find him. you may have to be a bit more forceful with your neighbours and have a look in thier sheds / garages yourself
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i've made some flyers today which i will post in the street tonight.
we had a rescue cat named cassie that disapperd for over 5 months we were heart broken ,we checked and advertised everywhere, left our details with our local vets and rescue centres no luck, in the end because i was so upset over loseing her and not to replace her we took on two kittens misty and cracker(we got them at xmas) we had these kittens along with our old cat for weeks when she reappeared dirty ,underweight and jumpy , she had been gone for nearly 6months if only she could of talked i have often wondered where she went,sadly a few yrs on we lost her to cancer but i still have the other two
Try an ad in the local paper, a poster in local vets and newsagents, ring Petsearch if you have a branch nearby, walk the streets (not on your own) making a familiar noise such as calling the cat's name or bashing a fork on the side of a tin.....who cares how daft you might look or sound, its amazing how understanding people will be and how willing they are to help and spread the word.

Good luck,
I know just how you feel, our crazy moggie went missing for a couple of days. We had neighbours looking out for him, checked under the hedges, kept calling ect. He is the kind of cat who sits in the middle of the road and stares at cars because they are "on his patch". He evetually strolled into the garden after two days with one front leg caught up in his collar so we reckon he had be stuck somewhere. He has never been a very vocal cat which we were pleased about but if he had made more noise maybe he would have been found sooner. All you can do is keep looking and asking and put an advert in your local paper. I hope that he turns up.
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thanks for advice. posted some flyers last night and went for a walk around the estate with mum. no sign as of yet. fingers crossed he'll be home soon. mum thinks cause he's such a friendly cat that some kid has took him home. we are going for a walk around again tonight to see if he's in another house, just sitting on the window ledge as he normally does at home.
what area are you in and what dopes your cat look like? Might have some people on here that are local to you who may spot her and let you know!
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he is black and white. name coco. about 12 months old. very soft and fluffy. has runny left eye which leaves a dirty stain.
area: new bold, st helens, merseyside.

thanks for your help.
keep your eyes peeled everyone. As a cat lover and owner myself, I really hope you are reunited with your cat jagarner!
My cat went missing last year turned up after 7 weeks trapped behind a kitchen cupboard. (yes realy) I did all the above but learned after much trolling of internet that trapped cats do not cry (attracts preditors) most cats are within a mile of home (not very helpfull sorry still a large area. Vets, and shelters will display notices for you (is cat microchipped) Above all don't give up, go out at night when theres no traffic to scare them. Be warned not to put address on posters, kids will bring you other peoples cats.
ps not nice but ask local council about casualties, mine keeps a record of dead animals found, at least you know if worse has happened. Hope it turns out well for you - don't give up looking. ps mine survived without food or water which vet said could not happen for so long but it seems they can semi hirbernate
one of my cats went missing once - we think she got frightened by very early fireworks. she went for about 3 months and we managed to find her by the fliers we put out. from word of mouth and a chain of calls to 4 different people it turned out she'd been 1/2 a mile away. she'd been living in someones conservatory they'd felt sorry for her and had been feeding her, so scared and in a strange place she had no reason to leave. If they don't get locked in somewhere, the next common thing is they get scared by loud noises or a near miss with a car ect... and panic and go places they wouldn't usually go. put the fliers out a little further than just local you might be surprised I'd stopped my fliers about 5 houses away from the conservatory she was in! I hope you find your cat it's a horrible time.
another quick thought - is there a sound that your cat is used to? my other cat used to get really excited when she heard jingling keys because it meant someone was home. She dissapeared and me and my mum walked up and down jingling our keys and we heard a tiny meow. It turned out she was trapped (a very unlikely situation) behind some neighbours paving slabs. The vet said it looked like she'd been scared by a car, and they can get themselves in some tricky situations. Just a thought like the sound of you car, or tinned food knocking a fork in the tin used to work a treat.

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