Original name for a marmalade cat!

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snapdarlich | 19:02 Thu 10th Aug 2006 | Animals & Nature
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We're picking up our new cat from the shelter tomorrow...

He's bigger than our Jack Russell.
Wider than our Jack Russell.
And Heavier that our Jack Russell.

He's Marmalade colour and looks a bit like Garfield...

Any ideas about names?

And don't bother with Ginger, Copper, Pickle, Mango, Sunny, Chutney, Red, Rusty, Sandy, Teazle, Tigger etc....

Please help?


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garfield??? as he looks like him xXx
Robertson?..........or the now PC incorrect Golly maybe....<g>
ERIC-The Red

Hi about Marmaduke. brenda x
Question Author
...or anything linked to a ginger cat...Cartoon etc!

[URL= 132.jpg&s=f10][img] b/8/22114223132.jpg[/img][/URL]

Here he is! Look at his tiny feet!

Inspiriation required!
Question Author
Anyone remember the Orlando books?

(He was a marmalade cat)
heavens! i am no good at names ..took me 2 months to name my pup even with abers help!
What is your Jack Russell called?
You'll prob get inspiration,once he starts making himself at home,and his personality comes through! We were going to call our black and white cat ,Jess or Felix,but once we got to know him and his claws!!!...The only name that reaally suited him was Spike!..nothing to do with his colour or size at all!
I had a dog called Biskit ...named him after the first thng he stole ..there's an idea
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Jack Russell's called Rowie....No help... I know!!!!
What about Big Red?
How about Oscar?
Flynn means red haired son in irish :o)
Hi Snapdarlich

How about Mr Majestic or Mr Bojangles failing that just go for FAT CAT !!! Let everyone know what you choose.

Cheers Skylight
Hi snapdarlich, Here is some names for you:----------

Irish cat names and meanings:--------

Alroy:- means red haired.

Quigley:- means unruly haired.

Rowan;- means red haired.

Whelan:- means joyful

Or what about these:-------- Waldo, Hepuss, Seefur, Marley, Chester, Leo, Milo, Ziggy or Zack. X X X :-)
How about Marmalade?
Liked the cute pic!
Hmm, definitely a Wilf, Wilfred for when he's naughty.

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Original name for a marmalade cat!

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