my cat keeps getting sick

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kittygirl_93 | 23:57 Tue 25th Jul 2006 | Animals & Nature
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My cat keeps getting sick all the time.I thought it was hair balls but it wasn't. She's gooten worse now. It seems the only time she gets sick is when she eats what should I do?


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Take it to a vets, preferably before it dies!
hi! my cat had the same problem! found the cure was to raise the food bowl 7cm(ish) high off the floor. This stopped her eating too fast!!! . Hope this helps otherwise a chat with your vet,is on the menue!!!! good luck!
Your cat should have been at the vets after one day of vomitting.
What do you think this is ---Vets Question Time.
Asking a question like this shows you don't care---
Give the cat to someone who does you moron.
Go to the vets. When our Campbell started vomiting, we took her to the vets, and it turned out she'd picked up some poison from somewhere. She was still being sick three days later, and was diagnosed with an inflammatory gastritis as a result of everything else. She had a steroid injection and chicken and rice for two weeks and is now happy and healthy again.
Apart from a visit to the vet, as suggested, try changing her food. Our cats don't seem to get on with several of the lower cost brands (just typical, eh?) and they were sick after many of their meals. We changed to Whiskas dry and Wellbeloved (this is especially good, though pricey) and they improved no end.
Please take your cat to the vet urgently. In this hot weather she will become seriously dehydrated very quickly if she's continually vomiting and could die.

You have the care of a live animal in your charge. You shouldn't be hanging around waiting for inexpert advice from this site when your pet's life is at risk..

Whilst it may be a change of food which is needed, you need a professional opinion if you really value your cat.

To clarify: by 'apart from' I meant 'as well as' rather than 'instead of'.

Yes, go and see the vet.
Well Kittygirl have you done what we said or is it now dead!
Not going to the vet the first time you cat vomits isn't a crime....

It's called being knowledgeable about your pet.

Cats get sick for several reasons. If your cat has been extra vocal lately, it means something is upsetting him/her, cats only meow a lot when something is bothering them.
They can get upset if they are
-furniture has been rearranged
-change of food
-animals outside (usually other cats)
But one of the most upsetting things for cats are when new people are introduced into the living arrangement, or people are taken away. When a cats owner is suddenly gone 10 hours a day the cat misses them, and often causes them, especially very young and older cats, to get sick.

Sorry if that was a windbag answer, but hope you got what you wanted to know!


This thread is supposed to be "helpful".

ITs not here to berate & make someone feel guilty......they are here asking for help, obviously they care or would not have bothered to ask for the help.

Get over yourself!
what was wrong with ur cat cuz my cat bes sick not everyday but its just liquid he was sick once today and might not be sick for a day or 2 he dont be sick after food what cud it be??

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my cat keeps getting sick

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