New kitten that does not like my dog help!

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clair3934 | 11:26 Fri 21st Jul 2006 | Animals & Nature
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We have a kitten I think he's about 8-10 weeks old it seems he is part of an unwated litter from the cat owned by a chap a few doors down from me and he just chucked it out about a week ago now (very angry about this!) It found its way to my door on Tuesday night and my partner and I did everything possible to find the owner phoned Vets, RSPCA, poster's etc till I was told where it came from then my partner decided to keep it. we've had him checked over by our vets and started worming him and he has his first vaccination next thursday. Our problem though is that he does not like our dog a big male 18 month old Weim he will play with his tail if he's lying down but if our dog try's to sniff him which he would do all day, he is very interested in the kitten as he's never been so close to one while the kitten is out and about he will folllow its every move around the room trying to sniff it if he gets close the kitten hisses, spits and swipes at him to which our dog retaliates by barking and lunging which only makes the cat worse and in turn him worse so when the kitten is out and about playing we have to exclude the dog we don't like doing this and we're trying not to by putting him on a lead and making him lie down. Please does anyone out there have any experience with this that could give me some advice on what to do to stop this I don't want the kitten to end up scared of our dog or dogs in general and I want my dog to not be bothered about what the kitten is up to. Please, please, please help me. xxxxx


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Firstly separate the two and give them their own territory, have somewhere nuetral, say your sitting room, and let each of them spend time in there without the other so they both get used to each others smell. After a few days you can try a controlled meeting. One of you sit with the dog on the lead and the other bring in the kitten and sit with kit on you knee well apart. Re-assure each of them - good boy- stroke etc. Gradually lengthen the time and move closer together until you can both sit together each with an animal.
Can't promise that they'll turn into best buddies but with them both being young you stand a good chance of sucess.
Best of luck!
I think you will just have to give it time, The Kitten will eventually get used to your dog, i doubt your dog will get used to the kitten and will always be invading his personal space but thats just dogs and when your kitten learns this he will turn in to every other cat and think he is far superior and your dog is a silly thing to be ignored at all costs!

Dont worry too much though, its only been a week, i bet you find they've both settled in to a routine by next week. But don't exclude your dog too much as they have to learn to live with each other!
The problem is you are trying to fight nature. Dogs hate cat, cats hate dogs its the way it has always been, as a general rule its said it is easer to introduce a puppy to a cat than a kitten to a dog. It wont help that the dog is BIG! This is not to say that it is not possible. Its a case of them having to respect each other. My personal opinion is you have to let them get on with it, the dog is bothering the kitten no the other way round, he will learn his lesson once he get a craw accross the nose. Seems harsh but it will put him in his place and he will not do it again. Me and my fiancee have 3 cats (all rescued, one has epolepsy) and 2 puppies (Beagle and choc lab). The beagle is hard as nails they are made that way and the cats have learned to get out of her way or be prepared to hiss and swinge for her haha!! She does stop once the crawls come out. The more time they spend together the better as it will become more natural.

Hope this helps

Let us know how you go on.
Go to
click on "articles" and then "natural Cat behavior" then on "Intro fido" this might help you out,,,,,
deemartin is in the correct area on their info...your dog should know basic commands and have some training.
Just remember cats and dogs use body language to communicate, but alot of times the language is misinterpreted...look at it this way..when a dog wags it's tail what does it mean? (happy to see you,) when a cat wags and whips it's tail back and forth? (back off your aggravating me..) So certain body signals mean diff things to that species. Give it time and work on letting the dog know when the cat is around good things happen, and protect the cat....check out the website. Good luck
i got a kitten recently and i have 2 dogs, the kitten was spitting and hissing for a while, but now they all get on great my dogs actually play with her. She is a girl cat by the way, i dont know if that makes a difference.
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Thanks for all your advice we have been keeping our dog on a lead and halti when the cat is out playing and he always responds to commands very well but he does seem to have a high prey drive but then he is a gun dog breed so I'm not really surprised. we will definatly use your advise. Drgnrdr thanks for that link its very helpfull I think it will just take time and patiance we never thought it would be easy I've looked after cats in work but never had one of my own so I'm very new to this, my partner Jon has had cats before but it's mostly me that looks after our little furries so I didn't really know what to do.
Thankyou for all your help and I'll let you know how I get on
Hi, I am in the exact same situation as you! I am a first time cat owner, to an eleven week old rescue kitten called Church[have you seen Pet Cemetry!!!!] We have four dogs and although I knew this wasn't going to be easy..... OMG. Church has been with us for a week now and things are calming down alittle, the three Yorkies are coming to terms with this mad creature that has invaded their space,[all big time lap dogs, although the kitten isn't big on cuddles]and on at least two occasions all four of them have been on the same sofa!!! I think the main way to deal with this situation[both yours and mine] to stay calm, I was in tears on Sunday, but now I just leave them to get on with it, Church is a baby and I am sure she will learn to tolerate the dogs eventually....and on the bright one has lost an eye yet!!!! Hope things are sorting themselves out at your end....and wish me luck, my next step is to introduce her to the Great Dane.....then the parrot.....then the degus.....who says the British are not a nation of animal
Good luck
Lisa xxx

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New kitten that does not like my dog help!

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