Female dogs getting "amorous"

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poogey | 20:44 Thu 13th Jul 2006 | Animals & Nature
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I have two female dogs - 1 is 10 months and the other is 3.5 years. Recently the youngest has started humping (to put it politely) the older one - is there any reason for this and should i be worried? thanks


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There's a forum post about this here: aninebehaviour.t38

It's about two male dogs, but some of the advice looks like it could apply to either sex, and it might put your mind at rest!
This could be a dominance thing - it's not always about sex. How big are they, in relation to each other? It sounds like the younger one has just started to mature, and is finding her place in your little pack. The older dog has two options - to give up her place as alpha, or to put your younger dog back in her place. You might find they look like they are fighting until they sort themselves out, but try not to worry. It's mostly just noise and flashing teeth, and they won't hurt each other. The important thing is for you not to interfere, and to respect whatever the outcome is.

i have 2 female labs mother & daughter they do the same although it,s only when there season is in. it could be your young one,s thirst season

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Female dogs getting "amorous"

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