Dogs in hot weather

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doglady | 10:13 Mon 03rd Jul 2006 | Animals & Nature
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This isn't really a question, more a plea.

I went to a market on Saturday morning, on an air field, and it was baking hot. I couldn't believe it when I saw people with dogs. My dogs were at home, in the cool, with lots of water and some doggy ice lollies (frozen chicken stock).

I saw tiny puppies being walked around on the hot concrete, 1 dog lying spread out in the shade, with it's owner trying to drag it out into the sun again, and only one dog (which belonged to a trader) had any water.

Please don't make your dogs spend ages out in the sun when it's this hot!

I know it's better than leaving them in the car, but you could leave them at home!

Thanks everyone


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I totally agree with you so called pet lovers sometimes beggar belief I always consider what a wild dog would do and as you say they will seek shade. My old labrador likes lying with a fan blowing on her face. I like the idea of frozen chicken stock I am going to do that for my Rosie
Agreed. Didn't realise it was so hot yesterday. Took the dog out for his usual walk, but he just kept lying down in the shade, so we turned round and came home instead.
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And that is totally the right thing to do. We had ours out at 7 in the morning both days, and even then we weren't out for long as they run like idiots and get too hot. They don't even get to lie out in the garden when it's this hot, because they will both lie in the sun, on the concrete and boil.
this is my dogs first summer and taste if hot weather and she hates it! she love the fan and i give her lots of ice in her water which she loves to pick out and gnash on! we have our walks very early in the morning and very late at night and i dont let her off to run like a wild dog (otherwise predictably she would!)..i am not the most experienced dog owner but i sure as hell wonder about some of the dog owners out there and the mad ideas they have..i just feel awfully sorry for the poor animals x
Oooh, thanks for the tip on the doggy ice lollies, doglady.

We had our dog out yesterday. Even we made sure it wasn't until after 3pm as it was just too hot earlier on. So we walked for 10 minutes to the river and laid our blanket out, leaving the dog to nip in and out of the river for a quick dip, chase squirrels, lay in the shade or even paddle in a nearly shallow stream. He had a whale of a time! It's the only way to walk them in this weather.
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That's the one thing missing from the field where I walk my dogs - a stream. There is a big open field, and then some woods, and there are rabbits to chase, and the occasional bit of fox poo to roll in. It could just do with a stream for them to paddle in, and they could live there.

i live right in the middle of a built up area so we have no streams/lakes etc but as an extra special treat we drive our dog to the nearest beach (barmouth) or the valleys near church stretton so that she can happily mill around in the streams and sea as much as she likes (and she likes!)..i love seeing her in these places so much so i would consider moving nearer x
I use pupcicles also for my dog, and I got her a kid wading pool and froze large blocks of ice in milk carton or tupperware bowls and she loves to bite and play wth them. I also freeze broth in Kong toys, I just make sure the broth is as fat free and sodium free as possible.
oh forgot to mention the petstores have a collar/bandanna type thing that you can use that is a cooler on the dogs neck, called "Outward Hound cool it cooling bandanna" jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524441809253&FOLDER %3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302032064&ASSORTMENT%3C %3East_id=2534374302023689&bmUID=1151947284793 &itemNo=16&Nao=12&Ntt=bandanna&In=All&previous Text=bandanna&N=2
maybe you can see it, or you can wet/freeze one, it won't last as long but can serve in a pinch.
this is also our puppies first summer, after being born in the winter.
he spends most of his time spread out on the floor tiles in the (north facing) conservatory under the ceiling fan.
love the idea of the doggy ice lollies, might just sacrifice some of my stock thats in the freezer.
We dont take him for walks during the day at all, but with the door open all day he has the option of going for a quick mad run round before flopping again.
i have just heard from someone that at some dog show somewhere people took dogs and left them in their cars!! 3 dogs had to be put down apparently ..i am in tears :(( i would love to lock them in a car in this weather ..cruel b******s x

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