Introducing new kitten to cats

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Kiera | 23:17 Mon 12th Jun 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Have two female cats who will be a year old next week.

Getting an 8week male kitten who has not had any injections yet. Will this be a problem with him in being in contact with the other two?

We will keep him upstairs in the bedroom until the cats get used to his smell but the problem will be that he has not had all his injections.

Any advice please.



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as long as he looks healthy and no snuffly nose etc you should be fine....
good luck!!
A word of advice. Make sure that the older cats are in the room when you first bring him down stairs. The kitten needs to know that he is not the first one otherwise he may object to the resident cats. I speak through experience as we did it the otherway around and suffered months of fighting as the newbie thought he was top cat.
if it is possible, i would keep the new cat away from your other cats until he has had shots (and maybe even neutered - if you are so planning...) especially if your female cats are "indoor only" types. kitties can transmit some illnesses just by touching their noses together. depending on the personalites of the kitties, they will probably want to get to each other if the only thing that is separating them is a door. they will probably scratch the door jam or door bottom to get to each other. maybe, just ask your vet...

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Introducing new kitten to cats

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