why does my cat go crazy over olives!

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nancie | 16:37 Thu 13th Apr 2006 | Animals & Nature
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My cat goes nuts if you give him an olive. He rolls about on the floor, tossing it in the air playing wildly with it and eating it. It makes him go real strange as well sometimes. Why? !


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OMG NANCIE -- my kitten does the same thing!!!! It's so funny to see isn't it? I think it may be because it's salty and they like the taste or maybe the smell of the olive juice is similar to something in catnip because she acts the same way with the catnip.
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Exactly Litchick..its so cute, but nuts!!
I think it may be the oil, our last cat, (we don;t have one now), used to love Sardines in Olive Oil, but it just licked them dry, and left the fish.

Like Lonnie I have a 'licker'. George licks the jelly off four sachets of meat per day. Every morning I have to throw out 4 sachets worth of meat. Tried everything. He also eats his Iams so he is getting enough nourishment. Might buy him some olives...or olives in jelly.

My cat goes to the freezer and jumps up the door scratching wildly and meiowing until she gets some frozen peas!! Then she acts in the same way- chasing, tossing, rolling about and finally eating them. She started this habit when her kittens were due last year, but has since been neutered. I suppose I shouldnt indulge her, but she looks so pretty!
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ha ha ha!...but even if the olive is dry its still the same...cats rock it over dogs lol!

I love my cat so much, but he is hard work. He was meant to be three when I adopted him from Cats Protection, but the vet laughed at that and said that he was nearer 10.

He is suicidal. After putting his head through the cord for the blinds he lept/leapt off the windowsill and dangled there screaming.

He demands attention and food during the night. Or, if he is tired after a day of snoozing, he lies on my bed snoring like a cement mixer.

We have been together for over 5 years now and I have just decided to accept the family heirarchy. I do as I am told.

The thought of George playing wildly with anything, olive or mouse, is just too far fetched. He caught a butterfly once, and sat and crunched it whilst I was eating my breakfast. At least as an indoor cat he doesn't bring any 'gifts'.

Nancie - hope you your cat continues to eat and kill olives for a long time. They taste disgusting to me.

Long live puss cats.

ha ha ha at wolf 63...ure cat sounds as weird as mine! does your cat knead the bed(or you) before settling down to sleep? ha ha
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Wolf cat murdered an olive yesterday lol..and a pigeon, leaving it on our doorstep. YUK! I always make baby sounds to him..wonder what he thinks of it!!

Kneading the bed spends energy. George has no energy. He has a humped back, sticking out chest bone, half a tail and wee bandy legs. On a good day he can almost leap onto my bed, I was thinking of getting him a little set of ladders so he can get up.

This is my little darling in all his handsome glory. He has a really pretty face.

I have had to give up working after 25 years as a civil servant due to manic depression. I thought of getting a puppy as I love dogs. But I think that George would kill it - he wouldn't share his mummy and home comforts with anything.

They are like men - a pain in the butt, but we love them any way>

OMG Wolf 63..ure obsessed with your kitty like i am with mine! I even sing to mine sometimes, but i don't think he likes it. He bit me last night cos i wouldn't cuddle it..ha ha, pics are great. Mine is called Squid, dont ask me why, but it suits him!

Yes - he is my little darling. We are all saddos.

I actually prefer dogs. But cats are never boring, you are always wondering what they are up to. Sizzlesquid and little squid.

The cats protection people called George Stumpy before I got him. He has only got half a tail.

See what nancie's olive loving cat has started!!

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why does my cat go crazy over olives!

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