pet hair embedded in foot

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happy_face | 11:07 Wed 05th Apr 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Does anyone know the best way to get a dog hair out of my heel. It's worked its way in and it's quite deep so I can't get to it with tweezers. I'm thinking a long hot foot spa and then just dig with a needle but I have a feeling it'll do more damage.

I can feel it whenever I walk and it's like having a small pin in there


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Does your GP practice have a nurse on hand. If so, I would pop in and see him/her. They are used to dealing with things like this. Otherwise, I would make an appointment with your GP or visit A&E. Don't start digging about - you will make matters worse and probably cause an infection.

Good luck.

Oh ewww, I've had pets all my (sadly long!) do they get under your skin???

Hope you get it sorted soon happy_face :-)

OUCH's your dogs doing, Marley and Sky? Problems better or??Haven't seen you on Orangedog forum.

Oh...I say Ditto! to gessoo

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well, I am a bit of DIY person so I attempted to get it out myself last night and after much digging it finally came out. What a relief, amazing how much a stupid little hair like that can hurt.

Hey Drgnrdr, both Sky and Marley are doing great. Sky has now finished her course of antibiotics and she's no longer half as interested in her water which is a good sign. And the vet said her second urine sample hardly had any crystals in it so that's great. On Sunday we're able to take Sky out for walks for the first time so we're really excited and can't wait to take them both out. What would your advice be on Sky's toilet training? Because she's had these crystals it's set us back a bit and I think she's been so used to weeing as soon as she felt the slight need for it so at present she's not that good on holding it. She's alright during the night and in the evening as she's too tired to move but during the day she stil tiddles quite a bit. Luckily it's mild so the back door is open so she runs outside. But what I wanted to ask is should I train her to hold it like you suggested with the increasing time or will she learn as she gets older automatically? She's now 6months

Are you regulating her water during the day? Does she go when you take her? If she goes on her own and you don't SEE her going is she going out because she is playing or watching her territory or does she pee and come back in?

Supervision is the key to housetraining.

As long as crystals are present she might still get irritated and feel the urge to go, it will get better with time, but you can see if she can hold it longer than an hour, with regulated water. Give her water but she'll need to go within 15- 20 mintues, make sure and read my housetraining article on Orangedog forum, it's got all the info you need for this. If she has the propensity to form crystals you may never be able to have her hold it for 8 hours during the DAY, and it would not be good for her to do so, dogs can hold it longer at night like us, when they sleep hard, their body slows down just like us, but during the day is different. AND having a doggie door slows the process of having them develop the ability to hold it, I always tell people to train first then doggie door, if at all possible, it helps them learn to hold it, when the dog door is present they NEVER have to hold it, they just go when they feel like it, and it takes them longer to develop the muscles to hold it, which comes with age. Now all dogs are different, some can handle this while others can't, I am only speaking to your individual dog, since she has crystals, and I have experience with this, since mine was the same, go to Orangedog and I can probably give you more details, this forum won't let me type much at a time. But I do love to chat with you all over seas.

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pet hair embedded in foot

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