Weird cat thing

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mccfluff | 14:37 Mon 03rd Apr 2006 | Animals & Nature
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my cat sits and does this weird thing, the best way to describe it, its a bit like she's chomping, or chewing I can't figure it out she doesn't do this at any particular time nor does she seem to be distressed or in pain but its starting to freak me out (maybe that's why she's doing it). I don't want an expensive visit to the vet if it just some weird cat thing!


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If you've been feeding your cat tinned food, maybe it's just some food trapped at the back of the mouth?
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no - i thought it might be trapped food but she does this at all times, i managed to have a look one time and couldn't see anything wrong, but mightly offended said cat who then went off in a huff!
Daydreaming, perhaps? 'Mmmm..tunaa..'
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could be i just think she's evil and this is her new way of freaking me out!

And it's working!

I do sometimes look at mine and think, 'what is going on in that little cat brain of yours?' And sometimes, he looks at me as if to say, 'You pathetic human! I have the power in this house!'

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oh mine has all the power i'm merely the insignificant human who is there only to please the whims of queen murphy

Hi, it sounds like the thing they do when hunting. Mine very occasionally does it if she is sitting in the kitchen window and spots a bird in the back garden. It's almost like she is getting her jaws ready to clamp on to the unsuspecting bird. Weird aren't they?

Hope that is of some help.

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thanks that could be it actually as I've just let her go back out again. If this is what it is though she does it most staring at me!
like 'Why??' says it may be the hunting thing my cat does it all the time. She especially loves light reflecting off the wall! The fact she directs at you is worrying but maybe she wants to play?

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Weird cat thing

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