Poorly Shub - Part III !

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SBell2406 | 00:43 Tue 28th Mar 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Back again!

This little shub of mine is still in a bad way (posted a couple of times in last week). In fact he seems to be getting a bit worse! Now struggling to make it off the bottom of the tank :-(

Have done the following (not all at once!)

A full water change (treated water with tap-safe and checked water levels before chucking him back in!), have put aquarium salts in the tank, fed them live daphnia (or however its spelt - how gross by the way!) and put in some oxgenating tablets (and am planning on rigging up airstone in next couple of days - didn't want to bombard the little guy with too much at once!) Also tried feeding him peas and whist my goldfish woolfed them down, he spat them straight out (little git!) Have now isolated him to a 'hospital tank'.

Anyway, having read lots of web sites on the subject (i seem to do very little else at work!) I've wondering if he perhaps has the rather embarrasing ailment of constipation? Think this is what's affecting his swimbladder perhaps? although i hardly profess to be an expert, but if it's on the internet, it has to be true, right?! ;-)

Anyway, a few people have suggested that i a) give him a bath in epsom salts and b) wrap him in a wet face cloth and drip a couple of drops of cod liver oil in his mouth. Have bought the CLO, Salts and a pipett so am good to go on that front, but just wanted to know people's opinion on the subject. Am i doing the right thing!? I refuse to let this fish die on me, goddamn it!!

All suggestions, as always, gladly received!

Sam -x


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When i have had problems like yours i isolate the fish and put salt in his water at about half a teaspoon to a couple of pints ..most of the tiime it works and he recovers depends how desperate you are

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Poorly Shub - Part III !

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