Meerkat Burrow

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Peppermint | 11:01 Sun 29th Jan 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Hello there,

Does anyone know a link on the net which will show an illustration of a Meerkat burrow? I assume it would be similar to a rabbit or badger burrow with tunnels and "rooms". I have looked for ages and cannot find a thing related to this.

Many thanks


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I should think it would be pretty difficult to get a picture from inside a burrow Peppermint ..however if you can get the Animal Planet channel, this is on tonight at 7.00 pm. It is a series .
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Thank you Shaneystar2!

I did notice that Animal Planet were running a programme called Meerkat Manor and did note that they were using fibre-optic cameras to see into the burrow but I didnt realise it was on tonight. If you hadnt have pointed this out I would have missed it - so again many, many thanks. Hopefully from seeing inside I should be able to figure out roughly what the layout is like and come up with my own cross-section of the tunnels excetera. Your a star!

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Meerkat Burrow

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