Baby Woolly Mammoth Found In The Klondikes

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pastafreak | 11:47 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | Animals & Nature
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A perfectly preserved body...approximately 1 month old when she died. How large were they when full grown?


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Woolly Mammoths were just elephants with heavy metal hairstyles :-)
If you post it on a lesser site ie Facebook the comments would be along the line of:
"why was it out on its own?"
and all the usual claptrap.

I wonder what they will be saying when, in the future, they find things from our era buried deep down.

Ipswich Museum has a life-sized replica of a woolly mammoth. It was my favourite exhibit there when I was a kid, with the kids of today since naming it '':

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Baby Woolly Mammoth Found In The Klondikes

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