Who’s Got A Real Life Cat Burglar !? Lol

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Smowball | 19:02 Mon 27th Jun 2022 | Animals & Nature
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I have cat sisters aged 1, Daisy and Molly. Daisy has become a cheeky thief! A week ago she appeared in our kitchen on a Sunday with a huge chorizo sausage in her mouth, followed by another one 10 mins later on! God knows where she got them, let alone managed to carry them home in her mouth!
This afternoon she raced into the lounge - with a slice of pepperoni pizza in her mouth!!
One of my neighbours must be very baffled as to where their food is going!
Anyone else have a cat who does this??


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I read just recently that cats enjoy spicey food. Wonder if Daisy read it and popped down to the deli. My OH had a huge ginger cat who was a neighbourhood thief. One day he dragged home a still warm just cooked leg of lamb!! A family missed their Sunday dinner!!
Caspar liked salami...I never left him alone with it long enough to see if he'd steal it off my plate.
Toby is an indoor the neighbours are safe!
Smow, I can't believe your kittens are a year old already! We need pictures...also called a cat tax ;)
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A whole leg of lamb - omg!!
Yes a year - I cannot believe it - and they have such different personalities. I will try and add pics later on x
Pictures of all our cats - Perhaps a thread? One of ours, Missy, is ill at the moment. Diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and now on drugs for life :0(
My cats are so much burglars as muggers!

For example, I've learned never to bring home a chicken and stuffing sandwich for my tea as, due to being pressurised by the troublesome threesome, all I ever end up eating is a stuffing sandwich!
^^^ 'are' = 'aren't'!
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Ohh MissTerious I’m sorry to hear that. Sending you and furry Missy best wishes x and the cat thread is a fab idea!
Chris yep I know exactly what you mean! Lol.
One of ours, now sadly no longer with us, was notorious for doing the rounds of local barbecues. I was eating a lovely curry a couple of weeks ago, had saved a particular succulent piece of chicken til last. There was a furry black blur and my chicken was gone in the mouth of 12 year old Ebony. I didn't realise she could move that fast. She is very partial to curry, chilli and the like.
Peter Scott (born Peter Craig Gulston) (18 February 1931 – 17 March 2013) was an Irish burglar and thief who was variously described as the "King of the Cat Burglars", "Burglar to the Stars" and the "Human Fly".
Mia brought in a cooked chicken breast yesterday ???

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Who’s Got A Real Life Cat Burglar !? Lol

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