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jennyjoan | 23:29 Sun 19th Jun 2022 | Animals & Nature
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This is the second time I have typed this.

We had two young neighbours early 30s had two jack russells suffering with extreme separation anxiety. The lad done the best walking them and working in between.

They have split up

Another new couple has moved in last Monday with the most beautiful dog - don't know what it is like size of Irish Wolfhound and labradoodle and the most placid thing.

I have fallen in love with it. It has been left today from 1 today until right now after 11 in the glass hall of the house and nobody there. Just two jugs probably of water or food . My heart is broken. Me and Maxie have gone over to talk to him in the hall and it just wags its tail.

Just found the lady has become pregnant - why do people take these dogs in and abandon them so much.

If I had the room I would take him as I really have fallen in love with it. My heart is broken at it being left for so long. They're only in a week - but sure you can't open your mouth.

That's it - what do you do.


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There may have been a good reason for the dog being left for so long. You shouldn't jump to any conclusions without knowing the facts.

If it happened on a regular basis I could , maybe, understand your concern.
Your neighbours have been there only a week, you have no idea why they were away for those ten hours and you're thinking bad of them already?

They could have been away for an emergency, a pre-arranged medical appointment, been stuck in traffic or any number of other reasons.
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well - they do have relatives ie mother and father who could have come down - they are a few roads away for Gawds sake.

No I am giving them the benefit of the doubt but I will have to say something as I am a member of the RSPCA (LOL).
Ten hours on its own sounds like an awful long time to me. What would the poor thing do for its toileting?
Was the dog distressed? Did it look as if it was not being cared for?
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I am just after looking - no nobody there - just the big lonely critter in the hall. I am trying so hard not to cry.
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Lonely and loved me going to talk to it and wagging its tail. Then he got a wee toy in his mouth - I got to go.
I think that it was very nice of you and Maxie to pay the dog a 'visit".
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wish I could have done more Sanmac - if it happens again - I will be saying some thing.
You remind me of my young niece - I keep having to tell her she can't solve all the World's problems single-handed.

Your empathy is admirable, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and cope. I do hope things work out in this case, the sight of a distressed animal can be harrowing for an animal lover.

Sorry I can't be more helpful :-(

Would you not be better to join the USPCA instead of the RSPCA?
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i am not in anything - just jesting
Was the dog in any distress?
Maybe ask them if they would like you to walk their dog a couple of times a day.
What evidence do you have that they did not come back at some point during the day?
Did you sit at the window from 11 till 1 am
How do you know for sure that no one went in to see the dog during that time?
Has this happened multiple times...or just once? If the latter, I'd really not get yourself worked up over it. From what you say, the dog was not in distress...he most likely had sufficient food and water...and maybe even puppy pads "just in case".
Some dogs are perfectly fine being on their own for a long period. It may not be ideal, but needs must. I had to leave Sally once from 5:30 am until about 10 pm...she was fine.
Please don't describe this as abandoning the dog...that is too strong a term...for one incident.
Before COVID - my dogs were left from 8am till 5pm - they were used to it - no accidents etc - I did have a dog walker come in a couple of times a week but for most they were left on their own with music.
Don’t rush in jj. Just wait and see .
Introduce yourself and introduce the dogs.

If they get on then that is an opener as to you doing the occasional double dog walk

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