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jennyjoan | 23:29 Sun 19th Jun 2022 | Animals & Nature
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This is the second time I have typed this.

We had two young neighbours early 30s had two jack russells suffering with extreme separation anxiety. The lad done the best walking them and working in between.

They have split up

Another new couple has moved in last Monday with the most beautiful dog - don't know what it is like size of Irish Wolfhound and labradoodle and the most placid thing.

I have fallen in love with it. It has been left today from 1 today until right now after 11 in the glass hall of the house and nobody there. Just two jugs probably of water or food . My heart is broken. Me and Maxie have gone over to talk to him in the hall and it just wags its tail.

Just found the lady has become pregnant - why do people take these dogs in and abandon them so much.

If I had the room I would take him as I really have fallen in love with it. My heart is broken at it being left for so long. They're only in a week - but sure you can't open your mouth.

That's it - what do you do.


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You say the couple only moved in last Monday; you say the dog was wagging its tail (doesn't sound as being too distressed) - what bugs me is that you are going to look through the hallway windows of someone else's house - I wouldn't like that and probably neither would they! I have had numerous friends who owned dogs, went to work all day - no problem!
Hazlinny, I don't think anyone should have a dog if they are going to leave it on its own all day. Possibly with a very old dog but that doesn't sound the case here.

The dog's tail was probably wagging because it saw JJ and Maxie looking in.

JJ let's hope you are proved wrong and this state of affairs doesn't continue.
If you don't feel you could actually walk the dog perhaps you could offer to go in and let it out for a wee during the day and give it some company for a short time - they may be very grateful for the offer. Be warned though, you may get attached to the dog and end up in a situation where you are struggling not to take it on if they decide to part with it.
I completely agree with pasta.
These neighbours have only been there a week and you do not know the circumstances. Although you do appear to know a lot about them in a short space of time.
I love all animals and wouldn't see any hurt or distressed but I would be very annoyed for anyone to be peering into my house.
I’d simply go over (if you haven’t done so already) and introduce yourself, say hello. Tell them what a gorgeous dog they have, and would they like you to let it out during they day for a wee etc, or do they already have someone to do that .
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We are well introduced - I know the mother and have said Hello to All at Number ?
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PS - peering into the house - you can actually stand at my own door and look - that's the way the houses were built.
So we’re you watching the house for 10 hours?
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we could Helen - in fact most of the houses in the cul-de-sac - but as I say goodbye
jj - I totally agree with smow's post at 9:09, I think this is a very good idea and I also think you are right to be concerned about the dog, bless you. Hopefully, it is not going to be left alone like this ALL the time, but if it is, you can help. I have done this in the past with a lovely dog who was constantly left alone, either locked in a shed or just shut outside in the back yard. I befriended the owner (even though I hated her for how she was treating the dog) and, long story short, she eventually let me have the dog and I spent nine wonderful years with my lovely Tara. Just do what you can to help, these animals can't help themselves x

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