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jennyjoan | 17:29 Fri 03rd Jun 2022 | Animals & Nature
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I think of him all the time as I love him so much but recently as I haven't been too great I sometimes worry what will happen if I go before him. (he has been with a dog walker) recently.

None of my family (whilst they love him) nobody would want him as a forever dog. I do think about it all the time.

I have it my will (whether that will happen) that I hope Dog's Trust could take him but I do know whoever would get him would never give him the care and love I give him.

Sorry to be a little macabre.


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It's only natural to think that way, Jennyjoan. I recently got my feline threesome signed up into the Cat Guardians scheme, in the hope that they can be re-homed after I'm gone but I know that there can be no guarantee that things will go well. We can only do what we can and just hope that everything turns out for the best.
Hopefully you'll be with Maxie for many years to come but it is an understandable concern.
Does the Blue Cross operate in Belfast?
A dog lover would adore him and shower him with love.
He'll be alright.
You might want to consider joining the CinnamonTrust, Jennyjoan. They aim to help out when, for example, people become too ill to take their dog for a walk or when a pet owner has to go into a residential home that doesn't allow pets. I can't claim to know much about their work but membership is only a fiver a year for those over 65, so there could possibly be some benefit from joining. (Even if you never use the service yourself, your money will be going to a good cause, I think).

I've just signed up myself:
You could get in touch with the Cinnamon Trust. They will pick up and care for animals left behind and find new homes. My daughter used to walk a lady's dog for her as she was unable to do it herself.
Surely no pet is a forever pet. Are you sure no one will take them in for the rest of it's time here, and goes to join you ?
//A “forever home” means the dog will live with that same family for the rest of her life.//
So anything from 5 minutes to a few decades ? Surely someone will agree.
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thanks Geezer - none of my family are pet lovers - they never were and they can't believe I am one cos I never had an animal when I was young.

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My Dog Maxie

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