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jennyjoan | 16:09 Thu 19th May 2022 | Animals & Nature
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Just saying a lady from the next street has lost her cat of 13 years old - she is devastated and has come round into my area rattling "food" calling its name. She calls every night at tea time and has now has left leaflets. Leaflet is so sad as she is looking for her beloved boy. He is missing from Saturday.

Hope she gets him soon.


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Hope so.

Cats are as resilient as they are independent, let's hope he has gone exploring, and will come back.
They are nosey little monsters and can get locked in other people's sheds and garages.

We lost a cat when I was a kid and my brother and I wandered the streets for ages looking for it. It was heartbreaking.

He will probably wander into the house and demand food when least expected.
Make sure she tells all her neighbours to check sheds garages etc. also are there any building sites nearby where the boy could be trapped? Hopefully he hasn’t succumbed to the heat ..
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smurf - it hasn't been that warm here - well for me - I have her mobile number and will ring her at the weekend to see if he has returned.
Ohhh she must be so upset - I have two cats and I know I would be. As has been said, they can get trapped in the daftest places!
Advise her to put his litter box outside and his blanket on the line , smells Tavel and will help him find his way home
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well I don't know anything about cats but did tell her to leave tunafish outside and I believe she has done that. I will ring her re the litter box etc. Thanks Helen
Probably out claiming his territory and looking for a few queens.
Not if he's been neutered^^^.
And at his age he should be happy to stay close to home.
The Tuna fish will just bring every other cat to the neighbourhood.
Definately the litter tray and the blanket trick
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I am just after ringing her re litter box and blanket
Aww, it is heart wrenching when your very much loved cat goes missing. My cat is 13, a couple of years ago, I was calling him at night, he doesn't venture far. As I walked a little way past two of my neighbour's houses, I could hear a cat crying and realised it was coming from neighbour's garage. The moor I called him the louder he got. I had to bang on door of house until person answered. Man kindly unlocked his garage and out ran my cat! So, they do get locked in garages and sheds. I hope the cat is found very soon, JJ.
Mine is almost 16 and neutered. He frequently clears off for a few days at a time, worrying me to death. A couple of months ago he was spotted in a village 3 miles away, which meant he would have had to cross the main railway line. They do this. They don't care.
that's because you are a mean cat mum who won't let him chase down pheasants and rabbits lol
I look in on the Facebook page of the rescue I got Toby from. Along with long term, sick, injured strays they frequently reunite families with cats that have ended up miles away from home. And after as much as 10 years.
I'm glad I have to keep Toby in...I can't cope anymore with needing to get my cat in at night.
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A lovely update. Said lady has just rung me to say CAT (Mr Shirley) came home last night.

She was closing her gate at 2am and there he was. In good condition and is sitting sleeping on her lap this morning.

She thinks the flying blanket and litter box did the trick. She is over the moon as am I. So thanks everybody for wee tips particularly Helen.
All’s well, when it ends well. And relax…….

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