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DarceyK123 | 20:20 Sat 14th May 2022 | Animals & Nature
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Son is going to training classes with his Border Collie who is doing well.
However he does sometimes like to lay down at the bottom of the stairs.

They dont mind as they know he does it and he's big enough to be seen! So they just step over him.

Dog trainer is saying they should make him move out of their way as they are higher up the chain and he should make way for them.

When i trained my dogs, although probably 20 years ago we were told that if the dog let you step over him without moving that was a good sign as it meant he trusted you totally not to hurt him.

Seems a lot of training methods have changed over the years but i know some of you are experienced dog trainers so would welcome your thoughts.


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My view is that the dog should be quite happy and feel lucky and grateful to be accepted as a subordinate member of the pack (family). It should scram when it is in the way, and it should be there to support and defend if necssary. They love to be wanted and needed and to be led. Best not to let them boss you in any way.
What a brute I am.
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Awww, we wouldnt want the poor boy the have to keep jumping out of the way when he's comfy, but then I'm a softy, he's not dominant so its not as tho they have to assert their authority on him.
Darcey; A good dog would jump out of the way without being asked. They aren't human children. There could be a problem if the dog starts to see itself as a pack leader instead of a subordinate. It's up to you, But I would advise that you keep it in its place. It could be difficult later on if it gets its own way. It's your judgment. There's probably lots of doggy people here who could add useful comments.
We had a very domineering ***, who needed strong leadership and who never stopped pushing towards the top of the pack with us; but she settled in to treat us as a pack who needed her love and protection, and fortunately she was not innately aggressive, just strong-willed. She would have died for us if necessary, and when she eventually did go, she was a darling grumpy old granny who loved us all.

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Opinions On Dog Training

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