Hawthorn Blossom.

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Tilly2 | 19:38 Fri 06th May 2022 | Animals & Nature
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Have you noticed how prolific the Hawthorn blossom is this year?

The only downside is those pesky Hawthorn flies which hover about at head height when you walk along the hedgerows.

I don't know how many of you are able to don your walking shoes and get out and about in the countryside but it's absolutely beautiful at the moment. We have two walks a day, grateful that we are able to do so, and take in the fresh air, sunshine and sights.

Just saying like. :-)


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Be kind to the Hawthorn, Tilly. First thing Dave was told when we bought the field was never move or damage the Hawthorn.
The faeries live beneath it and come out to sing at night. If you damage their tree dreadful things will happen to you.
We have a hawthorn hedge which cuts our garden in half. Because we are in a conservation area we cannot remove it. Mr BM lovingling tends it and weeds underneath it and it is now blooming. I hope the fairies are happy. I am.
Lovingly not lovingling
Our old house had a hawthorn hedge. I absolutely loved it ...
What a lovely thread:-)
The true Hawthorn that shelters faeries/fairies is a lone tree that wasn't planted by humans. Those who care for Hawthorn hedges as well as the tree are also blessed though.
The failure of DeLorean in Belfast and all the problems with the car was because a Hawthorn tree was cut down to build the plant.
It really isn't good to annoy the little folk...and that includes me. ;-)
Ah them faeries/fairies were good to me and my pals as young lads, a bountiful supply of pea shooter ammo :-)
Many years ago my I was visiting here with my brother and his family. Our family house was occupied so we rented a cottage.
I had flown (aeroplane, not broomstick) and couldn't bring scissors. No scissors in the house for crafting! Disaster!
I told the two young nephews that I would ask the fairies for some scissors. Next morning nephews and I took a walk along the lane. There on a Hawthorn tree was hanging a pair of scissors. Now I admit they were a bit rusty and had long been lost there, probably by a human....but you never know.
I wasn't going to tell the nephews that. As far as they were concerned Auntie Gness had fairy friends who brought her scissors when as well to behave for the rest of the holiday.... ;-)
The faeries are naughty little beings, they'd love you and be more than happy to supply you with pea shooter ammo.... :-)
Yes, Tilly, I've noticed lots of hawthorn blossom this year; in fact, there seems to be more blossom of all kinds - my car is covered from my crab apple tree.
And I've seen those St Mark's flies you mentioned on a particular country road I regularly walk; I always think they're strange!
I wonder if the Hawthorn fairies will send me thin thighs. And a night with Richard Armitage.....
I have a hawthorn tree that I can see from my kitchen window. The may blossom is out in abundance already and it won't be long before the falling flowers will be blown into the house when the back door is open - it happens every year.

Today I was delighted to identify the birds which are in the nesting box attached to the hawthorn tree. There is a large ivy leaf which is directly in front of the birds' entrance and I had been unable to see clearly the birds flying in and out under that cover, until today when they chose to alight on branches before entering the box.

I hope they produce some lovely wrens :) The wrens normally nest in a hedge to the side of the tree.

no blossom on ours yet. I'm going to get it pruned this year but as we are also in a conservation area it will require council permission.
Yes, I agree, a very good year for may blossom, it should be a good year for the haws too, if the squirrels leave the blossoms alone.
I was right about the may coming indoors!

I have been gardening all day, the weather was glorious and the back door has been open all the time. I have a part white carpet now ;)
The may blossom is fabulous this year. We haven’t had the high winds lately to blow it away.

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Hawthorn Blossom.

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