Maxie And His Water

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jennyjoan | 17:26 Tue 25th Jan 2022 | Animals & Nature
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This happens all the time.

First of all if I am going out for a few hours - I put Maxie out the back (has a warm kennel) and if it is around dinner time (for him) - he gets his dinner in his dish and right beside is another dish full of water, absolutely the exact same as the one I keep inside for him.

When I have come home - I let him in and the first thing he goes for is the inside water dish and sups it until it is nearly gone.

I don't understand why he doesn't drink out of this bowl right beside his dinner bowl. I don't like this happening - is there any thing I can do. Also there are basins of rain water lying about but he doesn't realise it.


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Just a suggestion, could it be that the water outside is too cold for him. Perhaps he likes his drink at room temperature. I know they say cats don't like their water right next to their food but ours don't seem to mind too much.
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oh - I'll give that a go and next time put the two dishes more far apart but you know - when I let him in he is gasping and that worries me. Re the inside water the water from the taps is absolutely freezing and that doesn't bother him. But will give the other tip a go.
Why do you put him outside? Especially in the cold weather I could never leave my dogs outside.
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well one reason - Maxie is with me 24 hours a day and if I need to go out for about 1-2 hours I like him to get out because he really has separation anxiety and I want him to be separated from me so that he knows I will be back.

I don't always put him out when I go out - when inside he lies on a big cushion with the radio going for company.
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Also he does have a warm kennel with a double bed duvet (actual duvet) so he is nice and warm
I also wondered why he's put outside. Does he misbehave when left on his own?
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Pasta - no he is good but can go to the toilet inside some times.
jj please reconsider putting your little Maxie outside especially in this bitter weather. It must be like a punishment for him. I'm the same as Lankeela I would never ever leave a dog outside. If they want to play out there when I'm in that's OK but not when I'm not there. I'd be terrified of them being stolen for a start, there's a lot of it about!
Do you bring the duvet indoors when Maxie isn't in his outdoor kennel, JJ? If not, it will be very cold and attract all sorts of critters.
Think about using vetbed instead
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Barry - the duvet is brought in every night as like that I would be afraid of "critters".

God yous all trying to make me cry now. He is right beside me in the computer room after lying all night in the bedroom. Believe me he has a lovely wee life LOL
He certainly does have a lovely wee life and it shows in your posts, JJ.

Dogs have a high sense of smell and it might just be that his outside bowl/kennel smells a little different to his inside facilities. I don't think it's anything to worry about.
Most dogs are perfectly okay sleeping outdoors in the UK all year round - it's what they are designed for.
There are some breeds that cannot withstand the cold such as French bulldogs.
I'm sure Maxie is fine outside for a few hours in his kennel
Mine is one that isn't. He shivers when he's let into the garden for his last pee of the day.
Barry, not many are nowadays. Mine would be gutted if they were left outside, not necessarily from cold, but because they are domesticated pack animals, and are sensitive to "rejection". They have each other, but are most relaxed when I'm here too. It would depend a lot on the breed and the individual dog.
My little dog Poppy only will drink a glass of water fresh from the tap. She and the cats have water in every r.oom in bowls. Pops and one of the cats will only fresh water from the tap. They have special glasses to drink from.

She comes and asks for her water by coming to us and then rushing to the kitchen!

I would never leave a dog outside in winter, so I'm afraid I agree with the others
In fact we have never left dogs outside in any season when we go out.

Is it just the weeing that a problem if you leave him at home? You can get dog flaps that would give him access to outside.

Poppy has anxiety about being alone, but isn't fussy about who's she's left with. She loves everybody. I suspect she would love burglars too!!
I think he would certainly feel more reassured somewhere where your "scent" is apparent, jj x
That's kind of what I'm thinking Pat... dogs are literally the most varied breed there is. And a quick Google says we have been domestication them for over 300,000 years. And often, deliberately, bred different characteristics into different breeds.
I think, expecting a "companion" dog to behave normally, alone- is as likely as getting a guard breed, and wondering why it might not be brilliant with children.
A dog's behaviour when left outside alone is a good indication of how he copes. If he barks or whines a lot he is obviously not coping - usually the neighbours let you know
My failed greyhound Sammie drank from the toilet if the lid was up. I read at the time that toilet water is often fresher than what's in their bowl. His was refreshed daily...sometimes several times.

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