Gluten And Chicken Intolerant

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Redhelen72 | 09:22 Fri 03rd Dec 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Colin at 9 years old has become intolerant to the above and I have managed to get him a new diet which involves a lot of cooking for me!
I have been unable to find a replacement for his nightly dental stick, does anyone have a good suggestion of what to give home for his teeth that fit in with his intolerant stomach.


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Why not ask your vet who is the best person to answer this?
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I have of course spoken to the vet Danny
Did he not suggest what might be suitable?
What did the vet recommend?
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Raw carrots!
Which Colin spit’s out with great gusto, so I was looking for other suggestions
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Thanks Danny that’s the sort of thing I am after.
Have you used them?
Sorry Helan, no I haven't used them.
Nor me danny, I never been tempted by dogs dental sticks although I seen some that reminds me of some sweets we use to buy at school- cinnamon sticks??
Try camel hide chews - they are 100% natural and gluten free. They also last longer than denta sticks! You can order them online - I use a company called Equipet.

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Gluten And Chicken Intolerant

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