Why Is It Never The Animals Fault?

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roadman | 12:46 Tue 30th Nov 2021 | Animals & Nature
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I think that it sometimes is


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yes, i blame my hamster.
e stared a nuclear war the other day
mind you, the dog's not much better - he sexually harrassed a teddy bear once
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No link dave sir just any time there is an incident people say “its not the animals fault” well are we not all just animals trying to act more sophisticated than nature intended?
I think it's cos most animals have no sense of morality. They don't know right from wrong & act purely on instinct. We humans should know & behave better though lots don't.
Fault, implies thought, reasoning, decision making, animals act mainly on instinct. TBF though even though it's not their fault they get executed summarily because of the actions of stupid humans.
Do you have some instances where it was the animal's fault?
^^^^ my hamster for one.
I'm wondering what the animal you're talking about has done.
No animal is at fault. Their actions are based on instinct and survival.
Bednobs it's your fault for letting your hamster have an Amazon account for buying his plutonium etc.
Is it the animals fault that we encroached on its habitat and in many instances farmed and domesticated them ?
Daftest post I have seen on here for a while and we have a gulliver on this site !
My leg was sexually harassed by a dog once. Can't help having legs that attract dogs I guess.
it's butterflies that are the most dangerous, one flap of the wings and that's a Hurricane!

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Why Is It Never The Animals Fault?

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