Hyper Kittens - Help Lol!

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Smowball | 15:31 Fri 05th Nov 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Ok, so after not having kittens for over 10 years (only kittens that I raised till over 10 years old) I have acquired 2 kittens (sisters) two days ago. They are 14 weeks old, and am trying to work out whether they are abnormally hyperactive or if I have just forgotten! Apart from odd nap they are racing up and down lounge, diving on dining table, leaping on top of backs of chairs, and across to the sideboard, sliding under the sofas, and getting stuck! Sliding under tv unit. Are litter tray trained but every time they use it they kick 50% of the contents out onto the kitchen floor, making a terrible mess. I keep lifting them off table, out from under sofas etc, refilling litter tray etc etc, it is this all a case of timw, or have I just got lunatics!?
BTW, if it’s any use, I got them from a lady in a ground floor flat with 4 children, and when I arrived the kittens plus the mother cat were on her table.
Any advice appreciated, or just time?? X


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Perfectly normal.
Get a litter tray with a hood and flap on, take the flap off until they are used to it then put the flap back on.
You can also get litter catcher mats.
Look on GumtreeUK etc for baby activity mobile things you know the ones the baby lays under, the kittens will love them.
To protect your sofa etc you can buy double sided furniture tapes you can’t see it but when the kittens scratch it will be tacky and will stop them
it's just kittens im afraid. I'd wear sturdy jeans fpr a while too if i were you - less painful when they decide to use you to climb up
Normal behaviour!! Try a lidded litter box. Also a large plasticfied table cloth under the box, easier to clean. Table is learned behaviour. Each time they get up, scruff them as mom cat would and put them on the floor, saying NO firmly. Under the sofa no worries one of mine still sleeps under a sofa, she's 3. Make sure the TV is secure and can't topple over. Shut them in one room at night so they learn that's where they sle
Yes, just kittens. Mine was an absolute nightmare are a kitten, into everything at 100mph. He hasnt really changed as a cat.
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I’ve ought lots of toys but they just flick them under sofa every 30 seconds. Have also got them a scratching post with a mobile attached, and a toy tunnel which they love, but I’m knackered!!
Normal behaviour, Smow. Would love to see some photos of them. Only if you want to, of course :o)
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Ok, the fact it’s normal is slightly reassuring lol. And yes of course I’ll post pics - Ive never actually posted photos on here - do I just post a link?? Will try and do it before my hospital app at 4.20 xx and thanks for the advice guys - as usual!!
Your post has given me really good laugh, as it has brought together memories of when my lot were kittens (and I had twice as many as you!) and provided sustenance for my Schadenfreude too ;-)

Yes, it's perfectly normal. Learn to love it. (You'll find that you're actually missing the craziness when it eventually dies down a bit!)
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I frequently see cuddly kittens on the site of the charity I got Toby from. Most have been born in the wild but trapped early enough so they aren't feral. I look at them and my brain goes fuzzy. Then I read something like this...and breath a sigh of relief that I've got a normal adult cat that sleeps 90% of the time ;)
Don't worry Smow. All normal.
My daughter has a newish kitten and he comes to life about tea time onwards. Running and sliding about like a mad thing!
They'll eventually calm down. :-)

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Hyper Kittens - Help Lol!

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