Fireworks Have Started Out There

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Bobbisox1 | 17:56 Tue 26th Oct 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Thankfully it doesn’t faze Lola one bit but I feel for those cats and dogs that are terrified, I wish they’d ban them and just have organised displays


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I've not heard one firework where I live in Bristol, which is amazin, they normally start at the beginning of October.
Woofgang usually comes on with a petition which I always sign, but I don't think she has posted much lately.

They started here about a week ago for four nights on the trot for about half an hour, but nothing since. They'll soon ramp up again though and my friend's poor dog is terrified.
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Normally we don’t here Webbo as it’s very quiet , hopefully it was a one off , perhaps a birthday?
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I signed that last year BS so hopefully she does
The fireworks have been going on here for weeks.
Every year we talk about signing petitions for banning fireworks for sale to the public and as far as I'm aware, only Sainsburys have done this.
Manchester City Council have stupidly cancelled quite a few organised displays because of Covid! Stupid or what?

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The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has cancelled New Years Eve fireworks but is allowing Diwali to go ahead on November 4th
Sainsbury's are brilliant for doing that. My local Asda have had them ready for sale for a week or so now, but not started selling them yet !

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Fireworks Have Started Out There

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