The Return Of The Elephants.

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sanmac | 14:34 Wed 13th Oct 2021 | Animals & Nature
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I thought that I would start a new thread about the Botswana elephants as navigating between the two previous ones was a little cumbersome. I emailed Camp Kuzumo regarding the activity of the back-hoe around the watering-hole, and they replied saying that it was enlarging the whole prior to the start of the rainy season in November:


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Thank you so much for that sanmac. Should make a big difference, for the better.
So many there at the moment. A joy to watch. xx
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LB, did you notice how much larger the watering-hole is now? Originally, it was just the portion in the middle, and now they've dredged two "wings" to it, one on the right and one on the left.
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It's looking like all the mothers have brought their young 'uns down for an afternoon tipple.
Oops I noticed the right one but not the left one. Tut!

Yes, so many, just wonderful, makes me smile watching them.
Just had my daily dose of 'medicine' watching these wonderful creatures. Keep safe.
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That guy has been bathing and drinking for over two hours now...Must be getting ready for a date:)
Ha! Some of them do spend so long there don't they. The gals are too busy looking after their offspring.
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Bathing and drinking al fresco as the sun sets.

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The Return Of The Elephants.

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