Toby Allowed Head Strokes...

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pastafreak | 09:13 Fri 24th Sep 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Lots of them...then he smacked me, lol.


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you need boxing gloves on
Oh that is fantastic news - the moment a feral cat allows a stroke is the most amazing thing - I know when Brice finally allowed me to touch him I actually cried - then cried again because the little devil scratched me badly
my cat got scared once and jumped up on my front and stuck all his claws in my chest, i don't know what spooked him but it really hurt, though he wasn't a feral cat.
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Luckily it was only a tiny nick...probably because I'd changed the position of my hand and a finger was in his face. I had to keep my cool when I really wanted to jump up and down shouting :)
You are making great progress. He trusts you and, for a cat, that is a great sign.

It'll be chookies under the chin next Pasta, then eventually, the ultimate goal: belly rubs!
>>> then he smacked me

Now that's what I call a PROPER cat!

I'm pleased that you're making such good progress with Toby. I've just spent some time filling in the online form to register my cats with Cat Guardians, in the hope that someone can be found to give them all new homes if/when I'm no longer around. (I'm not planning on dropping dead just yet but I think that it's best to be realistic about such matters).
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TBH, I didn't expect this progress for another week. Whoop!
You know who is The Boss
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Oh my Chris...don't go yet!
It's good to know there are such organisations...I know either Cats Protection or the rspca offer similar services.
Both of you are establishing the boundaries of what you like (well OK, he's teaching you).

He is obviously feeling more and more relaxed in his territory, and knows he is king now.

He may never get on your lap, but you will probably feel a warm bottom pushed against you at times.
Cat Guardians is the service run by Cats Protection, Pasta:
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Thanks for that Chris:)

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Toby Allowed Head Strokes...

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