I Got Head Bumped This Morning!

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pastafreak | 09:32 Thu 23rd Sep 2021 | Animals & Nature
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All cat owners will know what I mean.
*big grin*


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Toby's starting to remember that cats are meant to boss humans around ;-)

I don't know what you mean Pasta but it's obviously made you happy. :-)
I'm enjoying following your progress. Rest assured .... he trusts you. :o)
Excellent. He's getting more relaxed and confident in his home.

It sounds like he will let you stay a bit longer.
Question Author's when a cat bumps/pushes his head against you. They have scent glands on their cheeks and forehead, so is a way of marking you. Yep, he owns me now. He backed away when I pushed my arm a bit against him. He's the boss ;))
Well, that's it then! I am pleased for you. Well done for being so patient with him.
Fantastic. Was he on the bed!?
Brilliant. What a good boy he is;-)
It is lovely to be head bumped, next step wet nose to nose!! Kisses!!
Question Author
calmck...he's not found his way upstairs yet. The Dreamies are being put down though.
He butted me when I was opening the curtains...first sitting on the arm of the sofa, he bumped my hip. Then he jumped on the table on the other side and did my other hip and arm.
Question Author
We will see evadora...this has been a very long journey so far.
Oh, lovely. One of our cats has a head butt that would give you a black eye if he caught you in the right place!
Our cat absolutely loves being rubbed on the head and neck.

However she cannot understand why anyone would want to stroke her back, and ducks away as you touch her.
You're in!... :-))
Great progress being made there !! :))
Question Author
My daughter keeps asking "have you stroked him yet"...I'm waiting for him to ask for it.
Some cats don't like being stroked. A scratch above the tail or a under chin rub is preferred
You are doing brilliantly, pasta- by just going at his own pace. It's obviously paying off. X
Question Author
Thanks pixie...we'll get there.

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I Got Head Bumped This Morning!

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