Fully Padded Dog Harness

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shivvy | 19:02 Wed 22nd Sep 2021 | Animals & Nature
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I would like to buy a harness for my dog but it is important that all of the straps are padded.
She has dementia and sometimes she freezes so i use the harness to encourage her along. She also sometimes decides to take off so I need it to keep her safe then too.
She has a stiff front left shoulder so it needs to be one that i can click closed once she is in it rather than expecting her to bed her legs into it.
I currently have this one from Pets At Home which is very good apart from the fact that the straps that go beneath her body aren't padded.

I know that I have the option of adding padding myself but just thought I would ask on here in case anyone knew of one that might fit the bill.


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Oh bless her, shivvy. I don't know of any fully padded ones but wonder if you know of a decent cobblers near you? For many years we always used the same cobbler and he was a lovely man who would do running repairs on any leather item. I know your harness may well be made from synthetic materials but I would ask anyway. At the least the stitching would be neat and long lasting. Good luck with your search.
Some look better padded than others
I got one of these for a VERY large dog that I would not have been able to manipulate into a harness otherwise. User Recommendation
Perfect fit harness by dog games ltd are great and would probably do what you’re looking for for your lovely dog.
They come in three clip together pieces, each piece comes in various sizes so you can get a perfect fit, and every piece is padded.
If you order something which turns out to be the wrong size you just send it back and they send a different size. They really are a great company and I highly recommend them.
This lady makes harnesses to personal requirements and will be happy to discuss your needs. I have had collars from her, the quality is excellent. You can also contact her through facebook.
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Thank you very much for all your replies. I will spend a bit of time looking through the suggestions.

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Fully Padded Dog Harness

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