Guess Who Is Sitting On The Sofa Next To Me?

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pastafreak | 19:04 Sat 18th Sep 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Maybe I'll get a fast moves though


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great news pasta :-)
Question Author
He turned his back on me begore I could get his moggy mug...:0
Get the rubber gloves out!
It won't be long before he's on your knee ;-)
Yes, Loving all the individual attention! :-)
Good old tubby Toby.

He's only there because he wants to watch Strictly.
My cats are all very wary of coming anywhere near me today. I managed to catch two of them, and put flea treatment on the back of their necks, earlier on, so they've got the hump with me at the moment. Meanwhile Tablo knows that I still need to catch her, so she's doing her best to keep well clear of me! Oh, the joys of having cats ;-)
Question Author
I'm just totally gobsmacked...this is completely unexpected. I'm trying not to move so I don't scare him away. I've got a big grin on my face.
Question Author
Oh darn...I thought he wanted to be near me, hoppy.

I may not need to worry about that Chris...he's an indoor cat.
the key thing is the love and warmth between you two, not pics on AB...!
What a gorgeous bundle of fur and I love the aristocratic black cloak.
Still remember how chuffed I was when Shady (see left) first sat on my knee
Did you give him permission to get on the sofa Pasta?
Question Author
I gotta show off DT...and don't want anyone thinking I'm fibbing :))
That makes life so much simpler, Pasta.

Despite all having flea treatment on them, my lot managed to bring loads of fleas into my house, just as every supermarket and pet store for miles around totally ran out of every type of flea spray for over a fortnight (presumably because of the shortage of lorry drivers). I was getting bitten hundreds of times every day (and every night too, since the ruddy things seem to have invaded my bed) before I could do anything about it and even now, despite having used several cans of different types of flea sprays around the house, I still haven't got completely on top of the problem. The ruddy things are driving me crazy!
>>> Did you give him permission to get on the sofa Pasta?

No cat ever needs permission to do anything, Tilly2. If they want to do it, they'll do it!
Question Author
Tilly...actually I did. I've been patting it...and he's shown interest over the past few days.
Oh well...another piece of furniture to scrape cat hair off of.
Question Author
Chris...try's the best. Not cheap but really does the job.
Not sure if you can see Missy Lola ? She’s snuggled up to Mister B

That's why I mentioned the rubber gloves Pasta. They work a treat.
Question Author
I can see her Bobbi.
This is a first for Toby...I've been waiting 10 months for this. Or is it 11?
Tilly, gloves are great...I discovered that a few months ago.

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