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modeste | 10:26 Thu 05th Aug 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Are there any free plant ID Apps available for iPhone? TIA


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I have "seek" on my samsung phone...
We use Plant Net on our Motorola.
Yep, I've got PlantNet and its super!
just downloaded it, brilliant! Just discovered we have Himalayan honeysuckle in the garden!
This is what I use:

There is a paid version, but the free version is perfectly adequate and very informative.
Plant net is excellent.

You can download it for iPhone here
Tora - Get rid of that Himalayan Honeysuckle - it spreads like wildfire!!!
yeah zacs err indoor was worried about it and I did some research. Apparently you can chop it down to about a foot and pick the berries before they flower and that keeps it under control! I'll have a word with my gardening team.
It grows in the woods near us and, whilst rather pretty, it is invasive..... and smells a bit strange too.
I hadn't realised, but apparently it provides cover for the pheasants on your estate should you have any shooting parties in, TTT. Your ghillies will no doubt advise
great jno, I'll inform my estate country sports management team!
I use LeafSnap on the ipad

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Plant Id Apps

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