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oxo | 23:01 Wed 23rd Jun 2021 | Animals & Nature
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I have a nine and a half year old Saint and she has recently started panting really heavily when she gets up from sleeping. She will walk around panting but as soon as she lays down again she stops. Anybody any ideas what it could be.


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beautiful dog
what does the vet say?
Take her to the Vet, at her age it could be Heart related. Or it might be something minor that the Vet can treat.
Definitely one for the vet, at her age, needs to be checked out.
I'm surprised you haven't checked this out with the vet.
Have you taken her to the vet yet ?

She's all but 70 in our speak - what do you expect....the Vets is where she should be and Squad doesn't offer this service, or maybe he should do - then dogs don't wear lingerie or do they?
I agree with Wolf, it may be heart related.
Oxo may well have had her dog seen by the vet.
Question Author
I can do without some of the remarks, I was only asking for advice
Oxo, I hope your dog is better tonight .
oxo - you asked for advice and you got it, to take her to the vet ! Can't understand your annoyance. I hope she is ok and has now been seen by the vet.
What's her appetite like? Could possibly be Cushing's...
Does she cough at all?

Question Author
Thank you all for your advice. Her appetite is fine and she doesn't have a cough.Will keep you updated on her progress

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