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GormetSkinTag | 23:00 Sun 30th May 2021 | Animals & Nature
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So the evil chicken has stopped pecking the small ones when I am around. It now only happens at bed time. She knows I am not around you see. So I slid a stick through the roof and tonight when she went for her attack I prodded her and she jumped down and after a while came up. Anyway this chicken turned out to be really nice and she runs up to me now all the time and I can pick her up. I'm sure if I spend more time I can totally 100% stop her bullying.

But there is a black fluffy one that is just plain scared. She won't eat from my hand and if it rains I have to spend 5 or 10 minutes chasing her to put her inside. She actually makes the other chicken more scared as she bolts every time I come slightly close. I am considering rehoming her. Ir how can I tame her? After I catch her I hold her a bit stroke her and give her food but she is so scared she doesn't eat. I tried forcing her to sit on my knee for 30 minutes but she still runs away. What can I do? Apart from her the others are totally loving it.


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Sounds like chickens in the mist all over again.
wring it's flipping neck & have it for dinner!
// I tried forcing her to sit on my knee for 30 minutes but she still runs away//

I hope this is a wind-up...........

You seriously need help.
If you forced me to sit somewhere for 30 minutes I would run away. Hope you don't try it with a cat
Don’t begin a post with So. Also stop being chicken pickin overzealous. Chill out with the creatures and they will except you as one of their own.
even "accept" - but do you want to be accepted as a chicken!
If the OP tried to force me to sit on his knee for 30 minutes I'm afraid he would need the services of A & E :-)
Sorry davebro my mistake, egg on my face....
haha - my nit picking to the fore!
//a black fluffy one that is just plain scared...// is this a woke-up for this daft concept called Juneteenth? A quick bit of a murder, I would say - off with the head and feet, de-feather, gut, a lemon and lots of herbs inside the cavity, loads of garlic cloves, shallots and even carrots under her...season and roast at 170 for 90 minutes, half a glass of white wine (not black wine) added after 45 minutes. Remove, rest for 20 minutes, carve, serve, eat and delish!!! Some black or white truffles can be added at the mid point for a little extra 'je ne sais quoi'.....

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Scared Chicken

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