Help Please , Lola Has Recently In The Last Week Started To Really Scratch Herself

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Bobbisox1 | 14:17 Thu 29th Apr 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Mainly behind her ears and in her groin area, she was just groomed two weeks ago and they always use flea repellent shampoo on her, I’ve checked her groin and there no skin abrasion there and no sign of fleas either, I’ve given her an antihistamine crushed on the tip of a spoon with water which she’s taken,there’s black bits of her coat on the carpet and rug, any ideas please?


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Have you looked in her ears for mites etc? Does skin behind her ears look normal? TBH bobbi it could be anything, fleas (a tell-tale sign is often tiny black specs on bedding which go reddish in water - flea poop), a bacterial/fungal attack, allergy to something or other. The ears and groin itching could even be unrelated. If it were me I'd probably keep an eye and if it persists or seems to be really bothering her I'd contact the vets.
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Everything looks quite normal Prudie , and I can’t think of anything shes had that’s out of the ordinary that would cause an allergy, I’ll watch her for a couple of days then call the vet, thanks
Have you changed her food recently?
That can cause itching.

It will be driving her nuts.
One of my dogs is allergic to a certain brand of flea shampoo. It is not allergic to other brands, and none of my other dogs are allergic to this one. It is just a one off allergy, your dog could be the same. Very difficult to say.
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No Wolf, she gets the same food which is Winalot pouches in gravy and occasionally chicken .
Jjio9, you might just have a point there, the groomer used to alway give her flea treatment ( I’m assuming that’s in the back of her neck?
However she didn’t have any on her ( she’s a mobile groomer) but said she’d use a flea shampoo on her
My friend's dog exhibited similar symptoms, with the condition being identified as an allergy. The dog had to go for lots of special treatment at a regional veterinary centre, 30 miles from her home, but that had to stop when the bills reached £20k, as the insurance policy didn't cover bills beyond that for a single condition. She also had to get rid of all the carpets in her home and just live with the bare tiles that were underneath them.

Despite all of the hassle though, the dog lived a long and generally happy life though, with only occasional flare-ups of the allergy.
Bobbi, ring your groomer and find out what was used on her.
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I’ve messaged the grooming parlour where she works from LB , I only have their number, she’s brilliant with Lola by the way but if it’s causing Lola discomfort I need to eliminate it.
Chris thanks for that endearing little ditty :0((
Just to be sure, does she also get monthly flea treatment? I didn't think flea shampoos offer long term protection.
She could have an allergy to the flea bites. Fleas are bad this year and some of the spot on treatments are not working. Ask your vet about Bravecto expensive but effective. Does she have a flea collar?
If she was my wife I take her to the doctor!
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Yes Pasta she does
Cal , No she’s never worn a collar , she wears a vest for her leader, I’ve just stood in the walk in shower with her using the smaller head and showered her, no evidence of anything untoward there x
If her coat is black you won't see fleas. Slightly damp her coat then smother her with dog shampoo and leave on as long as possible. After 15 to 20 minutes shower off the shampoo. Seresta make a good but expensive flea and tick collar that lasts 5 months
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Her cost is all black Cal

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Help Please , Lola Has Recently In The Last Week Started To Really Scratch Herself

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