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charliesteve | 14:15 Sun 25th Apr 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Hi I have just noticed several white discs on the aquarium glass. I thought it may be a kind of algae but maybe catfish eggs. They are about 2 to 3 mm dia. Don't want to remove them if they are eggs but if algae will remove. Any ideas.


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Is it catfish or corys?

If your corys are like mine you might find one laying ano others (or other fish) following behind and eating them.

Last week I spotted a baby cory in the tank. Then a second!

When we chang the water, due to the type of tank we have with built in filter compartments, I seive the water when pouring it out - have caught a few babies doing that!
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Have two Cory's and six neon Tetra only in tank. Unlikely the tetras would eat them so hope they hatch out. Noticed about 20 on two sides of tank.
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They are neon tetra eggs looked at pics on Google. Thanks for your idea.

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