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tiggerblue10 | 13:10 Wed 07th Apr 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Ground squirrel, gopher or other rodent?


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looks like a baby Pine Marten
or a gopher, i dont believe its a ground squirrel
no to Pine Marten, i just looked at pics.
i would go with the baby Gopher. cute i must say
a ferret??
Baby Meerkat ?
Question Author
I did wonder about baby meerkats but checked some pics.

Ferrets look similar to pine martins I think.
pretty sure if you look at the link, its a baby gopher, same odd eyes.
Agreed, emmie
Any progress on the boy's name ,emmie??
none ellie, had almost forgotten about it........
I don't know what it is, but it's darn cute !
I have subscribed to it, emmie, so I'm hoping someone comes up with an answer!
it says think laterally, but that ain't working. lol
Its a weight watcher.
what is?
tiggs i really think its a baby gopher, the closer you look at my link you will see what i mean...
Question Author
Yes Emmie, looks like a baby gopher. Very cute ☺

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