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pixie374 | 14:10 Wed 24th Mar 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Genuine advice appreciated please. I realise there may be some negative comments too....

Quite honestly, and selfishly, I have always wanted just one litter of puppies. I understand many people will say there are already too many homeless dogs... but I also don't think those are always suitable for every home.

Now, I have a very happy, healthy rescue springer, in season. The vets won't spay her due to lockdown (have asked since last June). But honestly, I am so tempted to find a dad for her.... she has tied with my *neutered" cocker around 6/7 times the last few days. My unneutered older cavalier is clueless... and my cocker bounces him away anyway.

IF... I go for it, next time- 6/8 months.... I would really appreciate proper advice and experience first. I have always had dogs, but never a baby litter.

Does anyone have any advice please?
Thank you... xx


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First thing you need to consider is health testing - presume as a rescue you have no paperwork relating to parents, and as Springers are prone to several health conditions you would need to have her tested otherwise you could produce puppies that are affected. If you are determined to breed from her please consider using a registered stud dog that has had all...
16:25 Wed 24th Mar 2021
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Thanks woof- and yes, possibly I am trying to justify it a bit!
There is such a huge difference in opinions between professional dog breeders and genuine people who want a "pet" dog. But yes, i do think the balance has gone rapidly from one extreme to another- and is still going that way.
We are all so used to hearing that rescues are overwhelmed, but actually, when you try looking nowadays, there are often few suitable and massive waiting lists, expensive prices. Personally, I would prefer a balance in the middle somewhere.
I know this makes little difference in principle, but I'm not planning a lifetime of breeding dogs. It's just an experience I have always wanted. I'm well aware that any puppies I help create will actually be my own responsibility for 15 years or so. I don't agree though that every puppy "takes the place" of a rescue dog, as many people won't rescue in the first place.
To continue attempting to justify myself.... my sister, stepsister and I have rescued 14 dogs between us. With the exception of one tragedy... all have, or are having, happy healthy lives. But we all started with a puppy. Children have to learn somehow.
"an experience that i have always wanted"

Sorry this is going to sound harsh but that is no justification.
Pixie - you don't have to justify your decision to anyone.

If you are worried about this situation so far in advance it means that you care about the outcome.

It's not something that I would consider doing but that means nothing.

Puppies!! ♥
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Thank you, everyone xx
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Hi, just to briefly return, as I'm still thinking...

Woof, in my view, there is never "justification" in creating puppies, babies... or anything else- I'm not really expecting to find that- is there ever going to be any?
And wolf, thanks for your support :-)
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Woof, I think we all know things have changed massively since then. There are literally hundreds of people on waiting lists... the majority won't get a dog- and those that do, won't necessarily be the right people.
Dogs aren't commodities, they are living animals- and need to be treated at least as respectfully as babies are.
I do honestly understand and respect your views- but could you please tell me what "would justify" puppies?
I can only tell you what the lady who bred ours said.
That the dogs she bred would improve the health and temperament of the breed, and btw she would get all the relevant health screening done including hip score xrays and would not consider using any stud that was not similarly screened and scored.
That she wanted one or more of the litter herself.
That she had many more approved homes on a firm (deposit paid) waiting list of people she had third degree interrogated and approved of, than she expected pups.
She would buy back at price paid, any dog that she had bred at any age....she would have been shocked at the prices on gumtree and generally at the way dogs on there and other places are sold.

But the way things are now.... I don't think there is a justification unless you are firmly decided on keeping all the pups!
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Thanks woof, genuinely appreciated x all those apply to me, except- that I don't think dogs should only be bred to "perfect" them, but so they can have happy, healthy lives, without money being the first priority.
I appreciate your posts, thank you, although I just don't agree, that dogs are a product. I doubt we will ever agree on the "economics". But- thank you x
i have never said that dogs are a product and surely breeding to improve health and temperament is intended to make sure they live long and happy lives? That is the point of health screening.
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Health and temperament are the first priorities. Usually best with mixed breeds, which is why I have looked at so many different breeds of studs. They tend to be the healthiest. But temperament often does come into different breeds as well.
Some are bred for working, companion, guarding etc... I'm looking for friendly family mostly.

not "usually best with mixed breeds" at all. I agree that some purebred types have been ruined and inbreeding is the road to disaster but two crossbred dogs with poor hips or pra or any other problem will produce pups with the same problems.

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