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Jollypeace | 06:57 Tue 23rd Feb 2021 | Animals & Nature
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There exterior and interior of power resembles even with more in common than there size what are they?


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This still makes no sense however many times people ask it.
Is this a cryptic quiz clue?
Dont think so. It's one of those questions that gets posted all over the internet and forwarded. It's been asked numeurous times here too and usualy gets removed. A did see it answered as anything once tho
Ant not anything
If you Google

"There exterior and interior of power resembles"

there are pages linking the question to Chemistry and Geometry. I've surfed through a few pages and there isn't a definite answer in any of them. The question itself makes no sense...
Ah, ok.
Similar to this query that did the rounds of facebook, twitter etc last year
It's Inventiveness Uncertainty And Futuristic Ideas Typically Deal With Science And Technology. What's It
Hopefully by September all uni students will have been offered both jabs and most will take it up so things can get back to something like normal
wrong thread !
Might be the right answer for all we know...
More English lessons needed when it does happen ...
Seems to me that the exterior is 'PR' (public relations ?), and the interior is 'owe'. So what does public relationship debt have in common with the size of something else ? Best ask a bank manager. Their you go then.
is the answer "5 letter words"?

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