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iluvmargie | 16:35 Fri 05th Feb 2021 | Animals & Nature
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My beautiful boy Bruno was attacked in the park this morning by a much bigger dog. It came from nowhere around a bend and just launched itself at my boy grabbing hold of his neck. Bruno is a big dog too but as gentle as a lamb but he tried to fight this dog off. There was blood everywhere and he was screaming at one terrible point our eyes locked and his were pleading. I tried and tried to kick the brute off him and I was yelling and yelling for help. There was nobody a sould around and the dog seemed to be alone. Then as suuddenly as it appeared it ran off and disappeared and my boy was lying mortally wounded on the ground and crying pitifully. I was still screaming and screaming for help and two men on the other side of the path heard me and came running over. They were wonderful,they picked him up between them ever so gently and we went to the flat of one of them and got his car. Bruno is now at the emergency vet's in a very, very bad way. The vet doesn't hold out too much hope as the injuries are horrendous. He is drugged up to the eyeballs so he won't be feeling pain. She has sent me home so I can clean myself up, I'm covered in b ood and told me to go back when I feel up to it and she will ease him gently on his way. I can't believe it, I can't believe it. He was well and happy this morning and now he's at death's door becasue of a vicious dog that seemed to be running around on its own. Where's the owner ????? What can I do, I can't report it to the police, they are not interested in dog on dog attacks - pity I didn't get bitten, they would have acted then. I live alone that dog was my life, my woofer I called him and now he's leaving me and he won't want too, he won't want too Oh God, Oh God. Help me Please help me. I'll never get over this, I'll see it in my minds eye for the rest of my days and I'll hear his screams. And his eyes oh God his eyes. My beautiful, friendly boy. My boy. I'm in so much pain.


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What a horrific experience for you both, if he doesn't pull through I hope his passing is peaceful.

I would still try to report it, net time it could be a child.
OMG that is absolutely horrendous, I'm so sorry and pray he pulls through however ILM you must report this to the police. I don't know where you are but similar stories are always responded to by the police and reported on in my local news. Sending you both hugs.

I am so sorry to read this ILM, I know how I would feel if it was one of ours, sadly these things happen, I'm not being dismissive I promise.
My heart goes out to you.

You must be in such dreadful pain yourself. I would report it to the police when you feel able or this dog will attack again.
You must feel awful as he is your only companion. I live alone and have only my cats.
Hope he improves, Will be thinking of you.
i am so sorry to read this, what a terrible ordeal for you both.
Is there no hope, you say that he's at the vets, did they say that he wouldn't make it.
you should have called the police, they could have done something, not sure what but perhaps they could have pulled the dogs apart had they got their in time.
what about the owner of the dog, what happened there...

margie.....that is a terrible experience and I'm afraid I am not very good in these situations.
You will have to wait and see the outcome of this unfortunate incident.
oh God I'm so so sorry ILM cos you loved that dog so much. Wish I could help - but maybe just a little maybe the vet can help Bruno get better - how horrific for you and Bruno
keep us posted please, take care.
OMG I am so sorry ILM, I am full reading this, please , please let Bruno make a good recovery
I am so, so sorry that this has happened. It must have been terrifying for you both. The shock and pain will last for a while and in the meantime, I hope your lovely Bruno gets better and better.

You must report it when you feel strong enough to do so. If this other dog is not found you will forever be afraid to take any dog, be it Bruno or another, to that area again.
I feel so bad for you and Bruno. This makes me sick to my stomach. The attacking dog should be destroyed as soon as possible. This nightmare and pain should not have happened, I’m very sorry that this occurred. I would definitely inform the police. I would also make enquiries in the area as this will have happened before.
Inform the RSPCA and the local paper. Find the owner and sue. Hope that Bruno makes it. What a terrible ordeal you’ve both had inflicted upon you.
i agree with others, you must report this to the police..
im so so sorry to read this and hoping against hope that he can recover.
OMG, that's terrible :'( I'm keeping everything crossed for Bruno.

Report it to the police, you can do it online if you don't want to speak to them.
Oh Margie! This is terrible. You MUST go to the police. You really must. You poor, poor girl. Crying for you. Much love to you. X
OMG, this is awful. I’m so so sorry for you both .
What an absolute nightmare for you both. Horrendous, your poor boy and you ... Margie, I am so so sorry. Nothing we can say will ease your pain. Go and be with your boy, he will know you're there. Sending loads of love to you both. XXXX
sorry I omitted what Margie must be feeling right now ,thinking of you Margie in your time of need, xxxxxx
It’s every dog owner’s nightmare. Must have been extremely stressful. I hope he pulls through!
How absolutely dreadful for you and Bruno. I wish you both well. I think you should report it, perhaps the vet could provide a list of injuries you could give/post to the police.
I hope it ends well.

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