Strange White And Brown Long Haired Hound

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ukanonymous | 16:57 Fri 15th Jan 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Hey peepsies we have a visitor.
He just turned up today this morning and hasn't left even though I have been out many times. What shall I do? Looks like he has a GPS so do I just let him sleep here for the night wait for the owners to turn up? He has a black pet safe thing on his collar. How long will ot take for the owners to come as he is a stinker


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Will he not let you approach him?

There may be some info on his collar.
Question Author
He is super friendly but no info im afraid just the black t shaped thing
Are sure it's not a pig?
Is there any way you can transport him to a vet to see if he has a microchip?
He is a terrier, the black thing will probably be a locator device for tracking him underground should he lay up. It has a limited range so will not be effective if he has gone more than about 50 yards.

Feed him, water him and ask the local vet if you can take him down to see if he is microchipped.
Ok that's not a locator device.
Rest of my advice still applies, where are you?
Question Author
South France lol. Curfew now so can't do anything.. he won't eat any of our vegan food too :(
Can you phone round your local area shops etc or neighbours, to see if they recognise the description of the dog.
Could you walk round your neighbours houses tomorrow asking if anyone knows him ? He looks like a nice little thing.
Are you saying he's smelly? If he's as friendly as you say, he might appreciate a bath.
Try him with a carrot.
If all else fails, a box with an old towel or blanket in it for the night and you may find he wanders off home of his own accord. The presence of that box would indicate he is a wanderer.
Has he taken water?
If you were in UK I'd suggest posting on your local FB or Nextdoor website but I don't suppose you have that.
Question Author
He had water yup. So keep him in the garage or outside?
In the garage, is it cold out ?
Question Author
I found some old salami he aye it
Question Author
It goes to 2 to -10 here
I'd leave him under cover but with an open door if possible.

Probably not a good idea to take him indoors as he may have fleas if he has been down a rabbit hole, at least until you can get him vet checked.
Give him an old blanket or large towel to snuggle down on or he'll be a chilly pup!

I hope everything turns out ok.

Question Author
We only have like 6 neighbours and im sure he isn't any of those. Other owners would be like more than 1km away

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Strange White And Brown Long Haired Hound

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